Learn How To Attract Your Soul Clients

By Learning How To Shine Your Greatest Gifts

To Soul Clients Who Will Buy Your Products & Services

Spiritual Marketing For  Coaches, Healers and Therapists

 I help you


Identify clearly your greatest gifts and life purpose?

Know your soul clients needs and wants 

Turn your gifts into products your soul clients will love and buy?



spiritual marketing mentor for holistic businesses, putting spirituality into your marketing

Eileen Burns

Business Spirit & Stress Coach Training


Business Spirit teaches heart based holistic and spiritual businesses just like YOU


How to Shine your magic.

Just a few words from from Business Spirit’s happy clients

testimonial fiona kyle

” I have paid hundreds of pounds in the past for courses with much less content and much less heart..”

David Rabone, The Soul Healer – 21 Day Magical Marketing Course, Business Spirit

“The ‘Q & A webinar’ was very helpful. I was able to discuss where I am at and Eileen was very good to suggest areas I can make changes to better reach my clients and give them the best value in educating them in essential oils and natural medicine. Thank you so much for your help, Eileen! “

Cindy Fox , Inspired by Aloe, Bee and Botanicals 13th Oct 2016

“Loving this course, I know that my weakness is not in my skills as a therapist but in how I market myself. As my plans this year include online courses I knew this area needed addressed and this course has be invaluable highlighting the best ways to get your business noticed. I haven’t implemented the ideas yet as I am still putting my workshop ideas together but I have written down all the info so that I have it to hand altogether so that I can work in it in the next week or so. I am still not sure on how to do some of the things but that’s why I will be taking some courses with Eileen. Her help and her knowledge is fantastic and yes I would definitely have paid for this course. Xx” Sylvia Bennie, Reiki Master, Therapist & Tarot Reader

“I have enjoyed this course immensely, I am just starting out on my own journey with my business and eileens advice and support on this course has made me look at my business and changes that can be made for the better, not only that it has given me more confidence in myself to move forward with the way I want to do things, eileen is very approachable and will do all she can if you are stuck and need that extra bit of help, I would certainly pay whatever price eileen put on this course, she is dedicated to what she does and her prices will be fair and affordable. X” Hazel Watson, Therapist



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