What are the Benefits of Relaxation Therapy?

The are extensive benefits of relaxation therapy for health and wellbeing.


learn to relax

Relaxation Therapy is the safe and therapeutic use of highly effective mind and body management techniques such as meditation and relaxation that encourage deep stages of relaxation known as the “relaxation response”.

There has been a lot of medical research on the effectiveness of meditation and relaxation techniques in stress management, pain management, reduction in anxiety and panic attacks and general health and recovery from post surgery.

The breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques used in relaxation therapy help clients manage and let go of their stress and/or anxiety by encouraging the body OFF the “stress response” the “fight or flight” response into the “relaxed response” deeply healing relaxed state.

These highly effective stress management techniques encourage the body back into homeostasis, a state of peace.

Relaxation Techniques work deep into the physiological and psychological body reducing the “hyperarousal state”, reducing muscular tension and pain, encouraging healthier mind and body responses to external and internal stimulation known as stressors. So is highly beneficial for those with chronic anxiety, health, pain, mental, sleep and stress challenges. One of the reasons it is an extremely popular training and service for support groups and organisations in the health and charity sector

Meditation Techniques work on the emotional, mental and spiritual being encouraging the person into a deeper state of peace, helping the individual to be in the moment, not in the future or past, the main cause of anxiety and stress. Meditation if taught properly and effectively is probably one of the most powerful skills you can teach any person of any age.

Since Relaxation Therapy is more relaxation teaching. The Relaxation Therapist or Teacher is not just treating but supporting, EMPOWERING the client so they can experience more PEACE, more self confidence and achieve a much quality of life and wellbeing,

Our RELAXATION THERAPY TRAINING is suitable for Individuals, Therapists, Healers, Coaches, Counsellors, Support Workers, Teachers..

It is available as an online training programme with live training sessions from a trainer from Stress Coach Training