9 Common Mistakes Therapists Make

Being a healer, therapist and running a business has its challenges. With so much to remember, so much fast track training, lack of standardisation and lack of business expertise, more mistakes including legal mistakes are being made than ever.

legal advice for therapists
Make Sure Your Legally Protected
  1. Insurance is Non Negotiable; Even when your only starting out and only have a few clients around a fulltime job, you must be insured. Your clients well being and protection has to come first. You require full Indemnity Insurance on ALL the therapies, classes and training you practice, ( make sure you are always fully qualified in everything you practice).This type of insurance policy will help cover many eventualities including accidents at your or the clients premises.Threatened legal action is more common than you realise. I know one healer who was not allowed to practice again due to having no insurance after an incident where a woman claimed she permanently injured her back, getting off the therapist’s massage couch.

  3. Never make claims that your treatment or therapy can cure specific ailments, this is illegal. You may say can help, can aid, can reduce, can support, can help eliminate….

  5. Make sure all equipment and products are safe, updated and electrically safe, get yearly PAT testing. Check high risk products like brand of hopi ear candles are up to safety standards.

  7. Make sure you follow the National Occupational Health & Safety Standards regularly, check for any updated requirements.

  9. Never use any images you find on facebook, pinterest, google unless stated they are clearly stated to be, royalty free. You can now buy images very cost effectively. Promotional marketing images used to be very expensive I had to pay £80 for a marketing image which now would only cost approx. £1-$1. I used to design websites for others and on 3 occasions I was served with legal action with a demand for £2000 over images they stated were royalty free but weren’t. I had to legally fight these three separate incidents which were extremely stressful and time consuming. One the only reason I managed not to pay despite it being a 3rd party’s error was at the time I was very ill, had no assets and was on a very low income, so was given pardon.

  11. If you play music in any of your sessions, classes, no matter if it is in your clients or your home you have to have a PRS License or only use royalty free music. I know two fitness teachers who were served with a hefty fine  because they were playing music in their fitness class without a license.

  13. Make sure your Business Trading Name is not someone else’s trademark. It is illegal to name your business after a patented trademark.

  15. Choose wisely any products you sell or pass on to your clients. Companies make bold claims and particularly in the herbal, supplement and nutritional industry are not 100% safe for all clients. Specifically with clients with certain health conditions. I am always shocked at how many combination herbal remedies and supplements are classed as completely balanced, safe and suitable for everybody, be very wary, these are simply heavy unethical sales tactics. Everyone has different body types, different allergies, different needs, different challenges so will respond differently.

  17. Before attending any training or certification to be a qualified…check if this training will be recognised,  will you be able to get insurance, will you be able to practice legally. With so many fast track training schools appearing out of nowhere, that train people up in less than a few day in subjects that would normally take a therapist years to train, it is worth questioning the quality, standard and recognition compared to other similar training. It may be the cheapest but it’s no use if your actually not fully qualified, insured, experienced or taught enough to practice safely.