Do Your Clients Truly Understand What You Are Providing?

Does Your Marketing Message Sell To The Potential Clients You Want To Attract Or Does It Only Sell to Other Therapists Who Understand What You Do?

With so much fast marketing, so much information, so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming for potential clients to understand if you can help solve their problem, to be able see quickly if you are local or are the type of therapist they are seeking. Remember everything is so much faster, clients want to find you much faster, if they don’t see the information they need, they will go looking elsewhere.



So it’s your job to make it easy for your clients to find you.
It is your job for make it clear what you offer
It is your job to make it clear how and where you do it
It is your job to make it clear what makes you qualified


The sad fact is many client’s don’t know the difference between what NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT and CBT, traditional meditation, mindfulness and guided meditation, reiki and other energy healing, herbalism and homeopathy. They just want you to solve their problem, safely and effectively and usually resonate with them. in some way

Because they just want to know you can help and you and your service is right for them, maybe that your treatment or therapy is the most effective for their particular problem.

They may want to know if your local and/or easily accessible, your charges and if you can help.

The more experienced clients or those generally suffering from more chronic or serious health issues will want to know more about how experienced, how qualified, how much you understand their condition and what type of results you have.

You have to think like a client, not a therapist.

Marketing has to be so simply in a way that is understandable to a child, it has to be clear and simple.

What problem can you solve or help with, does your marketing demonstrate or convey this?

Does your marketing represent you and the type of service they will get.?

Or is it the same type of message every other therapist like you, is sending out?

You are your unique, so is your service. What makes you different?

Your message, your gifts, integrity and professionalism has to be conveyed in some way as part of your personal motto, especially as the market is becoming more and more saturated with dangerously poor watered down training, therapists practicing, claiming to be  and even teaching therapies they have no or little training in.

Also it is important to use your own inner wisdom, when selling to clients, so many training schools , claim their therapy will do this, that, cure this, that…to every sort of challenge and disease, when in-fact they often  only help some conditions by a small percent.

Focus your marketing on the biggest successes, that you know your therapy is particularly effective in treating, reducing, not on those sometimes helps…I have been studying holistic wellbeing for 25 years and been a sufferer of many health challenges and I am still shocked how many claims training schools make to their students and those holistic product suppliers make to their distributors, that never add up.

Many therapies can help many conditions but some many only help a client up to 5% when others can make about 95% a difference, so focus on those benefits you have seen with your own eyes, with your clients over and over again…focus on concrete evidence and you will start to grow a more solid foundation for a strong healthy business.