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Summer 2019 Changes To Our Certificated Relaxation Training Course


The New Certificated Relaxation Training Course.

The new certificated relaxation training course has more techniques, more lessons, and more videos.  You now pay for the foundational Relaxation Therapy Training Program first and then pay for the accreditation later.

We have included more stress management,  relaxation techniques, and a new mindfulness unit.

New Payment Plan Options For Relaxation Training Course

We now have a 6-month payment and 9- month payment plan offer for the foundational training. That is perfect for those of you who want to spread the cost and take your time over the training.

Online Quizzes And Assessments

Online training is constantly evolving I wanted to make the training more accessible, easier and extensive at still a fantastic price.

Affiliate Commission

Students now have the potential to earn 15% affiliate commission selling/sharing our training.  Specific terms and conditions do apply such as those ensure there are no refund requests with the 30 days. But this is a great way you can potentially actually earn back what you spent on our training. A great way I can give back to dedicated students who want to promote my products and services. Grow the community and make the training even big and better.

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Introduction To Becoming A Relaxation Therapist & Teacher


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Career As A Relaxation Therapist

Creating A Career As A Relaxation Therapist & Relaxation Teacher. Despite being a highly qualified coach, healer, therapist and stress advisor. I spent most of 18 years in stress management working as a relaxation therapist and teacher. Teaching a wide range of meditation, relaxation, anxiety and stress busting tools and techniques.

 I got to feel as calm and relaxed as the students and clients I taught. Helping stressed out clients and students, learn how to relax, learn how to let go of chronic anxiety and stress. I got to share my skills as a meditation teacher, stress management advisor and therapist.

For the last 5 years I have trained therapists up as relaxation therapists and teachers.  Which over the last few years has became online training.

You can have a career as a relaxation therapist.

Organisations Where I Grew My Career As A Relaxation Therapist

One of the biggest areas of my career as a relaxation therapist. Was  my work as a coach, teacher and trainer as a contractor to the education, health, community and charity sector. I taught all sorts of aspects of holistic well-being and stress management. But the most common techniques wanted by these organisations were cost-effective life-long stress management skills. The simple powerful meditation and relaxation techniques I share in my Certificated Relaxation Therapist & Teacher Training.

career as a relaxation therapist

So What Does A Qualified Relaxation Teacher Teach?

A Certificated Relaxation Teacher & Therapist

Teaches simple yet powerful stress management strategies that help the mind, body and emotions come off the “stress response” into the “relaxed response”.

A Relaxation Teacher & Therapist is usually qualified in a wide range of breathing, relaxation, meditation, anxiety and stress management techniques. Used in various ways to reduce, manage and let go of chronic anxiety, chronic stress, depression, insomnia even pain management.

The Many Benefits Of Teaching Relaxation Therapy

The great thing about teaching relaxation, meditation and stress management techniques is these tools are so versatile.

Many relaxation therapist techniques can help eliminate and reduce a wide range of health and wellness challenges. They don’t just reduce anxiety and stress.

Relaxation tools and techniques help reduce insomnia, depression, and reduce muscle tension and pain as part of a pain management program.

Relaxation therapy is not just for one to one clients but is very effective in groups, classes and workshops.

What Organisations Want A Certificated Relaxation Therapist & Teacher?

Most health, education and charity sectors recognise the dangers of unqualified teachers and trainers in these fields. Especially the NHS, schools, charities and support organisations who support vulnerable people who are highly anxious and stressed.

I have had the honour to teach all sorts of ages and sectors from 3 to over 70, to children with special needs, adults with addiction, carers, mental health, health challenges and disablements. Despite being qualified to university level my skills as a meditation teacher, relaxation therapist and stress management have always been the most popular.

The thing I love most about teaching relaxation therapy is that you get to teach life long skills. Powerful life skills that clients can apply to their daily life to become more happier and healthier. Especially simple and effective meditation and  mindfulness activities.

Where Can You Train As A Certificated Relaxation Teacher & Therapist?

Relaxation Therapy Training is still quite a niche therapy and training. So as yet it is not a widely available training, especially by teachers that specialied in this area. I used to offer live training in scotland but now all my training is online, which includes online live webinars and online live assessments. Through my training business Stress Coach Training

The training is now available as a non-certificated course for personal use or Certificated for professional use. Our Accreditation Level requires you to undertake the full Relaxation Therapy Training, quizzes, assessments and the case studies, assessments for accreditation. Most students do the course over 6 – 12 months, the recognise the importance of mastering the techniques themselves before teaching them to others.

At the moment I don’t know of any other training that teaches students as many different tools and techniques. I not only bring a wealth of knowledge in this work but  experience as a stress management advisor and consultant, meditation teacher, counsellor, coach and healer.

Learn How You Can Earn A Healthy Income As A Relaxation Therapist & Relaxation Teacher

How you can learn a wide range of breathing, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and stress management tools all in one course. We also have just launched a new 9 month payment plan on the foundational relaxation therapy training LEARN MORE

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career as a relaxation therapist and teacher

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5 Ways To STOP Stressing And Start Relaxing

Learn How To Stop Stressing And Start Relaxing

How do you start relaxing when you are chronically stressed or chronically anxious? When your mind and body thas forgotten how to relax? Your mind and body is so stimulated that has forgotten how to switch-off. At times like this it can be very difficult to relax that is why relaxation therapy is so effective

Your mind, body and emotions are designed to work together in balance and harmony. And although the stress response is there to protect you physiologically and psychologically from life threatening and dangerous situations. By preparing the mind and body to fight or flight, it is not designed to be in the chronic state of stress over long periods of time.

Why Relaxation Therapy Helps You Start Relaxing

When the mind and body finds itself constantly over stimulated by FEAR of the survival response. The body gets so out of balance it can easily forget how to relax, really relax. That is why relaxation therapy and relaxation tools are such a powerful tool in anxiety and stress management.  As it not only teaches the body how to relax but it encouarges the body into its natural innate healing and repair state.

Do You Know How To Really Relax?

I don’t mean distracting yourself with the T.V. Computer, Radio or with your thoughts. I mean total relaxation, a deep stage of relaxation where you experience a mixture of calm, peace and bliss

So many people have you forgotten how to really relax?  Can you not remember those moments as a child. Those time when you were so content, so relaxed you would drift off into a dreamy state without a care in the world.

If you were a child who suffered a lot of trauma, this might be something you rarely remember. But today it is not just stressed-out adults who struggle to relax. Sadly more and more children are struggling to do the same. The younger generations are suffering from chronic stress in the form of over-stimulation, mentally, physically and emotionally.

As someone who spent a large chunk of the last 18 years teaching meditation and stress management to all ages. One of the most alarming things I saw was more and more children in the constantly hyper-alert state of the stress response. And so many adults with no mind and body awareness, who have suffered from chronic stress and anxiety for so long. Who failed to recognise or notice the signs until it had begun to seriously impact their health and well-being.

Relaxation is the sweet spot of life, even if we don’t know it. It is where we find the bliss, that place where we want for nothing, especially if you can access the stillness through techniques like meditation. And no I am not talking about guided meditation and in many ways, not mindfulness. But where you are simply aware of that stillness, peace that is always there. That may not be always visible but is underneath it all, it is even hiding in the chaos, frustration, despair and madness.

5 ways to stop stressing and start relaxing

Here Are 5 Ways To Stop Stressing And Start Relaxing

  1. Make sure you STOP and Take Breaks throughout the day not just lnch breaks, but rest periods, tea breaks. Don’t be tempted to constantly work late. Rest periods throughout your day help the body back into balance. It helps the body recognise that relaxation is the bodies natural state of being. The body is not designed to be busy or active all the time. If you don’t take time out when you go to rest or go to bed later. Your body begins to struggle and gets too used to the habit of being chronically stressed it forgets to switch off.
  2. STOP and REDUCE stimulants as much as you can. Reduce sugar, caffeine, nicotine, drugs and alcohol these can play havoc with the bodies reaction to stress.
  3. STAY hydrated, make sure you drink plenty of fresh water. When we are dehydrated it puts serious stress on the bodies organ’s and systems and can increase heart rate and blood pressure.
  4. Learn to meditate, with the right type of meditation skills you can access stillness all around you. You experience more calm and more peace in everyday life. Access this FREE Traditional Breath Meditation course
  5. Learn effective relaxation technique’s that will help you get a deep quality restful sleep. Stress can seriously impact the deepest stages of sleep leaving us feeling un-refreshed, emotional, exhausted and irritable. If you are a coach or therapist take our Relaxation Therapy Training. We teach you a wide range of breathing, meditation, relaxation and stress management techniques for your clients.

certificated relaxation training


difference between meditation and guidedmeditation
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The Difference Between Meditation and Guided Meditation

The big difference between meditation and guided meditation. Or more specifically the different between most traditional meditation techniques and guided visualisation.

Guided Meditation also regarded as Guided Visualisation is very much the use of guided imagery to help guide the listener into usually a deeply relaxed state. The narrator; teacher or therapist who is guiding the meditation uses imagery, sounds, textures, scents and feelings to help support the listener; client or student into a safe space.

Guided Visualisation uses memory and autosuggestion to help anchor the mind into a story, a fantasy, a dream…The therapist usually guides the client or student into a relaxed or therapeutic state.

Where more traditional based meditation skills are based on accessing peace, calm and tranquillity through presence and awareness. Helping us to detach from our thoughts, our stories, our beliefs. It helps gives us space from the cluttered or monkey mind. More traditional meditation styles like breath meditation gives clients and students a life skill that the can apply very easily into their everyday lives.

Once a student has practiced an effective meditation technique it is much easier for them to access the peace, the stillness that is always there. It may at times appear hidden from our present view but calm and peace are always accessible within us.

I teach many different types of relaxation therapy and meditation, in-fact I train therapists in this area to be Certificated- Relaxation Therapists. Both guided visualization and meditation are highly effective relaxation tools and are used for different reasons.

But in my experience, as a teacher of these skills for more than 18 years. I have found more traditional based styles of meditation, give the student far more power in the long-term and in their day to day life. These tools provide the student the ability to access peace, stillness in their everyday life, whenever they want or need.

If you are going to a meditation class, ask what style of meditation you will learn and what will be the main benefits?

difference between meditation and guided meditation

FREE Access Today Traditional Breathing Meditation Instruction Track 

this is an instructional track, which teaches you one of the most traditional styles of meditation, it has a soft gong in 5 minute intervals to help you build up your meditation track.

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5 Minute Meditation Instruction Track

this is a less than 5 minute meditation Qi Qong style of meditation, which is very effective and useful to use throughout the day to help give you more peace, calm and clarity throughout your day. Some clients use this instead of a power nap


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How to Be Authentically YOU in YOUR Therapy Business

Building a Successful Business as a Therapist or Coach Today has its challenges

build your therapy business

Building a Business as a Therapist when there is so many Coaches, Healers, Therapists offering what seems like similar services can feel stressful and exhausting.

So many therapists and coaches are struggling to pitch and build their business. Because they are marketing their services like everyone else.

I find many therapists and students I work with constantly compare them self to everyone else and try to emotionally, physically and mentally compete against everyone else.

They don’t realise, until pointed out that they are the missing ingredient in their business. YOU and Being YOU is the key ingredient.

I like you am a therapist, coach and healer who began studying holistic well being 25 years ago. Despite many health challenges that impacted greatly how many hours I could work and how much physical work I could undertake. I designed a holistic well-being business around myself, around no one else. I made lots  of costly mistakes but I also learnt very valuable ones and got to do what I LOVED.

One of the biggest advantages was in-fact my limitations, these were what made me adaptable and made me really focus on my UNIQUENESS,  my STRENGTHS. I had very little financial resources like many therapists who start up but I had a lot of knowledge and training.

Everyone would ask me for advice on therapies, remedies, essentials oils… so I used my knowledge and great interest in holistic well being to start a scottish health directory for holistic practitioners, a health newsletter and a mail order business supplying holistic products internationally as I built my physical strength up to build my work up as a therapist and stress management consultant.

I really wanted to teach other self-help therapy skills and soon found myself teaching local education and charity sectors, which became a large part of my natural niche and business for 15 years. Teaching in these areas was for me was a far more natural effective use of my gifts, energy and time. When you focus on your natural gifts, abilities and uniqueness you attract the RIGHT clients, the RIGHT job opportunities.

STOP trying to be someone else, your always going to find someone more experienced, someone more this…more that..but there is no-one like YOU

What is YOUR Gifts? YOUR Uniqueness?

Learn how to bring Profit and Passion into your business today by being Authentically You in 5 Easy Steps  I will show you how in my latest e-book “How to Be Authentically YOU in Your Therapy Business” absolutely FREE TODAY!

Download NOW

meditation more than mindfulness
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Why Meditation is more than Mindfulness

Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Programs are the latest fad in meditation and stress management, so much so that many organisations think mindfulness is the only and main principle form of meditation.

meditation more than mindfulnessMindfulness based stress reduction programs based on the work of Jon Kabat Zinn are adapted teachings based around one aspect of meditation in buddhism, the art of mindfulness. And like many things the original teachings become a little distorted.

But in so many way meditation is so much more and so much less, any effective meditation technique will open the door into awareness, help you to be in the moment, right in the here and now. Into a state of observation where you can witness, access and experience more peace, more stillness. But there is so many ways you can do this, we are so lucky to have access to so many meditation tools and other techniques that help us access that stillness, inner peace and direct connection with the self. That so few people today get to experience on a day to day basis.

Mindfulness is a great way to teach people the act of focus on one thing at a time, to live our life moment to moment but a lot of modern day mindfulness teachers are focusing too much on the mindful act rather than an almost mindless awareness. It is the hold over our mind, our beliefs, our thoughts, our worries, our anxieties that hold us in a state of anxiety, fear and stress. Most traditional meditation acts of meditation help us let go of our distorted thoughts and help us access instantly the stillness, the peace that is present in everything and in the nothingness.

I began studying meditation 25 years ago whilst chronically ill in my teens, since then I have studied various styles of meditation and other techniques including Quantum Entrainment which helps you access an instant stillness and peace, that is normally only achieved with dedicated, disciplined practices of meditation. One of my most popular techniques I have ever taught with young and old was my 5 Minute Meditation, a Qi Qong style of meditation that I adapted originally to teach to teenagers. Most people who try this technique are very surprised the benefits the feel so quickly, as it takes just over 4 months.  Very quickly I began to teach it to executives, carers and so many people who said they couldn’t meditate. And for the last 4 years I have been teaching these and may other stress management techniques to professional coaches, healers and therapists. As a healer, therapist, coach and teacher I recognised very early on in my own journey how important we give the client or student back their own power and connection with the self.

Meditation can be so much more and yet be so much less than most people’s understanding of mindfulness.


Want to Learn Meditation?

We offer meditation and relaxation courses including our most popular 5 Minute Meditation Course

or if you would rather go for a more traditional based meditation try our

Traditional Breathe Meditation for FREE


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Why Teaching Clients Is More Empowering Than Healing

Why Teaching Clients Is More Empowering Than Healing

As Therapist, Healers we have a deep want to help our clients in whatever way we can.

healer teacher

We would love to take away our client’s pain and suffering but this isn’t always possible or even the right or most effective type of therapy or treatment. Many clients are the source of their own pain over and over again and cannot see it. Especially if they are not really self-aware, can’t or refuse to face it, accept it or believe it. It doesn’t matter if the source of their challenges is mental, physical, emotional or even spiritual. We have to give back the responsibility to the client especially when the ego tends to get in the way, in whatever shape or form.

It doesn’t matter if the source of their well-being challenges is mental, physical, emotional or even spiritual. We have to give back the responsibility to the client especially if your ego gets in the way in whatever shape or form, if you are a wounded healer, a fixer, carer, nurturer…

That is why although healing specifically reiki was in many ways the first therapy that I seriously got my teeth into 24 years ago. I quickly started to realise more and more over the years that healing disciplines were just one part of the healing jigsaw, true deep healing came from more inner workings of our self, and to give clients or students the awareness or access to these skills would help them on the road to self-healing, empowerment, and enoughness.

Why give a poor man a fish when you can give him a fishing rod?

No matter what sort of healer or therapist you are, you can help teach and empower clients in each session by giving them back their power. The most powerful healing masters will guide and support the client or student to help them understand that they are their own healer, that their healer is not their god, their fixer, nor master but someone sharing the path with them along the way. You are simply a guide towards healthier choices and deeper understanding of what they need to change.

This is the reason I loved to teach and empower clients to take self-responsibility for over 15 years,  in whatever shape or form that may come in. Lucky for me I was fortunate enough to train in many highly effective techniques that I could teach to even the most vulnerable clients, including serious addiction.

As a highly experienced meditation teacher and stress coach to all ages, I came to witness and understand how much simple highly effective meditation techniques. When applied moment to moment can have dramatic impacts in people’s happiness, health, well-being and general peace of mind.

I see how the education and teaching of various stress management and relaxation techniques can help one start to be at one with their own body. It is surprising how many people have no body awareness, they are so shut off from their physical body, they spend most of their time locked in the chaos of the disillusioned mental body. How remarkably better they feel after becoming more grounded, relaxed, peaceful by a spiritual master, no a highly effective relaxation teacher or therapist 🙂

benefits of relaxation therapy
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What are the Benefits of Relaxation Therapy For Anxiety and Stress?

Relaxation Therapy for anxiety and stress.

Relaxation therapy includes a variety of breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques used to reduce chronic stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

benefits of relaxation therapy for anxiety and stressThe safe and therapeutic use of highly effective mind and body management techniques that supports the body off the “stress response” into deep stages of the relaxation known as the “relaxation response”.

Due to a variety of medical research on the effectiveness of meditation and relaxation techniques in stress management. We know relaxation therapy can be extremely beneficial in reducing anxiety and panic attacks, pain management and general health and recovery from post surgery.

These highly effective stress management techniques encourage the body back into homeostasis, a state of peace.

Relaxation Techniques for anxiety and stress work deep into the physiological and psychological body reducing the “hyperarousal state”, reducing muscular tension and pain, encouraging healthier mind and body responses to external and internal stimulation known as stressors. So is highly beneficial for those with long-term chronic anxiety, health, pain, mental, sleep and stress challenges. One of the reasons relaxation therapy training is extremely popular training and service for support groups and organisations in the health and charity sector

Meditation Techniques work on the emotional, mental and spiritual being encouraging the person into a deeper state of peace, helping the individual to be in the moment, not in the future or past, the main cause of anxiety and stress. Meditation if taught properly and effectively is probably one of the most powerful skills you can teach any person of any age.

Since Relaxation Therapy is more about teaching clients and students, the Relaxation Therapist or Teacher is not just treating but supporting an, EMPOWERING the client.  It is about giving clients and students power self-help skills so they can manage their own stress, experience more peace, self-confidence and achieve a much quality of life and well-being.

Our Accredited Relaxation Therapy Course is suitable for Individuals, Therapists, Healers, Coaches, Counsellors, Support Workers, Teachers..

It is available as an online training program and it includes an online live training session and assessment from a trainer from Stress Coach Training