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The World of Health was Born.

The World of Health was Born.

Posted By on Jul 25, 2015

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Welcome to a community of compassionate, caring and co-operative of holistic providers.

The World of Health was born in 2000, it began growing and developing into a holistic health information service and Scottish health directory as I built my own health and physical stamina up as a healer, therapist and coach, after being chronically ill most of my twenties.

The World of Health was my first baby,  my own project of hope and connection to the outside world after living with a seriously chronic illness that had left me largely isolated and separated from everyday life for over seven years.

So having studied archetypes most recently through the Brand Alchemist with Cerries Mooney, I have came to the understanding that my primary archetype is the Nurturer, the Caregiver. Realising this was like standing in front of a crystal clear mirror, so that I could take full ownership for my inner natural urge to support and care for others.

So as a nurturer who loves to care for, connect and support others, The World of Health was always a place of holistic information interwoven with threads of love, care and co-operation from a place of deep integrity and compassion.

Are you a therapist, healer or coach who wants to help others live a more healthier and empowering life?

What if you could belong to a supportive group that believes in co-operation, community and sharing ?

What if you could find a place where you can grow your business, share your latest blogs, get some morale support?

Would you like to join and contribute to our community, if so get in touch


Eileen Burns, Owner of The World of Health and Principle of Stress Coach Training School, Scotland UK.

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