What Is Your Inner Compass Telling You Today?

What Is Your Inner Compass Telling You Today?

Even the most intuitive person can miss the obvious signs their inner compass is trying to tell them.

inner-compass-1In a world where the monkey mind regularly kicks in feeding off bombarded information and distorted perceptions we can easily believe were making intuitive decisions when we aren’t. But our inner compass is like a core feeling that keeps niggling or keeps coming up.

Lucky for me my father encouraged us from a young age to go with our gut instinct. And as someone who was highly sensitive from a young age,  I found most of the time this very easy, I would just naturally know things about people and would feel what they were feeling. But I struggled with my softness and fact that people deserved a chance, and another chance… I may have been soft but I wasn’t stupid.

But because I was an empath, I would constantly over identify with other’s emotions and other people’s life challenges. In-fact I thought everyone experienced this and it wasn’t until my late twenties that I started to understand that this was the traits of a sensitive, an empath and not something most people experienced on a daily basis.

Many times my inner guidance saved me from the most potentially awful situations and other times I didn’t follow my inner guidance and wished I had. It is so easy to get tangled up in our thoughts, beliefs our limitations of the logic mind or in other’s interpretation of what is going on. But I believe our inner compass is our soul guiding us but we are so often caught up in our head,our beliefs and interpretations of things we get really so disengaged with our inner compass, we fail to recognise the signs, that is why I believe meditation is a powerful tool to help you connect with your inner compass.

When I was only 18, my bosses would send me around to a friend who they did some work with. This man made very uncomfortable and I would dread going around on errands, a later situation arose when my work colleagues insisted this person take me back home after a late event, I quickly found myself in a frightening situation and managed to talk my way out of it, but years later I was informed by someone who knew this man that he was highly dangerous and had went missing and was wanted by the police for suspected murder. I remember how many people insisted around me that I was being silly but something was guiding me to avoid this person at all cost.

We can find our self in many situations in our life where we feel our inner compass is moving us away from situations or moving us forward towards something and it isn’t always easy to trust as our logic mind comes into play.

It can be even more challenging when others are not privy to you inner compass or other information that you have But what I do know is the situations where I didn’t go with my gut I was proved time and time again that my gut was right, and sometimes there were more obvious signs than gut, but we all know things are not always as they seem.

There is always a bigger picture and what may appear to be very negative situations can actually be the most enlightening or from where we gain our greatest gifts. Sometimes the learning is a reminder to follow your inner compass, to hold you to your inner values.

As someone who has suffered many serious health challenges since my late teens on the outside looking in other’s may see my experiences as awful or even as something I have manifested or brought with karma. But it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks, I may have suffered injustice, I may have been unlucky or maybe I am the lucky one. As each experience has taught me so much, gave me so much gratitude that most people never have the chance to experience, it has helped me see deeper into the human spirit, it helped me greatly as a healer, therapist and caoch. Each situation guided me and some even forced me towards a specific path at times  I could never have imagined.

I remember when I started having health challenges in my late teens, some of my so called friends viewed my symptom as weak and implied I had no strength of character, when in-fact I now see they couldn’t have been further from the truth. My health and life challenges over the last 28 years taught me how at my core I am so much more that I ever thought I was, that no matter what life has thrown at me, I am far more stronger mentally than most people I know, I have a tenacity and determination that makes me a survivor, I am lucky to be alive, I have clear values and ethics that I will never compromise in my life and work. But also I am aware that my sensitivity maybe makes my physical health more soft and sensitive but it also gives me great compassion. I maybe still learning and growing on how to create strong healthier boundaries as I think as the eldest of nine, I had none lol. But I am so much more than I seem and even what I see.

My health has also taught me that I didn’t always listen to what my heart, my soul and my body was telling me, as I listened too much to other’s opinions of what was wrong or right for me.

Our inner compass is our greatest gift, make sure you own it, take the time to out to truly listen to it, slow down, switch off and connect in with your inner compass each and every day and every time you have to make an important decision.

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How To Prioritise Your Time For The Most Important Things

How To Prioritise Your Time For The Most Important Things

Most of us rush through our life with a sense of urgency.

As Stephen Covey says “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”

STOP rushing start living in the moment

In my work as a Stress Management Therapist and Meditation Teacher I  have constantly seen the remnants of clients and students who are knee deep in commitments or activities they believe they have to do that is nearly killing them, their family and their relationships.

When challenged and asked to see things from a completely different perspective they actually see how much time and energy they spend on wasteful activities, anxiety and stress on things they don’t really matter at all. When they could be spending this down time for the important things.

Over a few sessions many clients begin to realise; the international executive, the mum who is a carer, has a squad of kids, a job and a heap full of other demands that in-fact they waste a lot time and energy worrying about not having enough time, they  end up overwhelmed, depressed, exhausted, depressed and end up filling their valuable precious time with distraction like Facebook, texting or TV programs you don’t even really enjoy.

It is so so easily caught up in filling our life with so many activities but another statement from Stephen Convey states “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

When you learn to be fully in each moment through meditation, time seems to almost stand still and stretch. Meditation helps you feel more calmer and confident, your processing and organisation skills become so much more guided to what is really important, you will even have ingenious ideas how to do things far more efficiently.

Meditation doesn’t have to take up a lot of time in-fact one of the most popular techniques I have ever taught is our less than 5 Minute Meditation which is not just a great stress reliever but can also be used as a power nap or technique to help you get more focused on your day or activities ahead.

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Managing your priorities is about balance and asking yourself does this really need to be done? Would this be important in an emergency? Is there a more effective use of my time?

STOP and Be In The Moment

STOP and Be In The Moment

Do you know how to STOP?

Really STOP and BE


meditation teacher


We are so conditioned to focus on the future or dwell on the past we miss right here, right now.

We believe the future will always be better and that it will be more, more, more…we can’t see all the beautiful gifts we have right now in the moment or we avoid the necessary flow of life, the ups and downs, the dark, the light, the great times and not so great times…

When we can truly STOP and Be in the Moment, we allow life’s journey to flow, we allow each emotion, experience to arrive and leave, we are far more lighter, as we don’t cling on to the past or rush forward in eager anticipation waiting for the future.

We are far more balanced, healthier and relaxed, as we don’t resist each situation as it presents itself.

I began studying meditation approx 25 years and despite studying and practising various types of meditation and teaching meditation professionally for over 14 years it hasn’t been until the last 4 years that I truly began to grasp the more deeper reflection of what meditation means.

 The act of meditation is not to be mistaken for guided meditation, a guided journey into an illusory place, but a road to the true self, away from the egoic monkey mind into the stillness, the peace where infinity dwells, where the true self passes all distorted perceptions and simply is.

Would you like to be able to STOP and Be In The Moment, experience more peace, more calm no matter what life challenges your journey flows through you.

I offer online meditation sessions and meditation programs tailored to suit your needs.

For One to One Online Meditation Sessions email me for more details.

Meditation Made Simple

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Learn to Meditate Today!

Meditate Today

How To Relax In 5 Minutes

How To Relax In 5 Minutes

Relaxation is such an important part of managing stress, anxiety and life’s daily challenges.
The more we learn to switch off and really relax, the more happier, healthier and balanced we become.
Although we should certainly take more than 5 minutes to relax throughout our day, there are quite a few things we can do that takes only 5 minutes.
Take a break from your desk, your household chores by sitting down with a warm cup of camomile or soothing herbal tea or a nice cool sugar free, caffeine free drink.
Take a short stroll, even a small walk around the garden or office in the fresh air, can help restore some balance some calm.
A few stretches, some yoga or tai chi can do wonders to help us unwind and relax tense and sore muscles.
Applying a relaxing blend of aromatherapy oils mixed into a carrier/massage oil and applied to the temples or pulse points can be extremely soothing and relaxing especially when feeling anxious or stressed.
And my favourite and most popular my less than 5 Minute Meditation, this simple meditation technique once practiced takes just over 4 minutes.

You can Learn To Meditate in less than 5 minutes with this full instruction meditation track only £4.99  


The Tool Box Of A Stress Therapist

The Tool Box Of A Stress Therapist

Most Stress Management Consultants, Therapists and Coaches have a large box of therapeutic tools to choose from to help assist and empower clients and students to make transforming changes in their life.

Some strategies give fast immediate relief that sometimes can be short lived, others if given to the client to use as a self help tool or daily life skill are far more empowering and effective.

I began studying stress management in the 90’s when stress management was still mostly associated with stress at work, I had to already been studying reiki, meditation and other holistic well-being disciplines so I decided to combine the more traditional styles of stress management tools  used in the work place with more holistic approaches.

To date I now only use a combination of Counselling, CBT, Flower Remedies, Life Coaching, Healing, Meditation, Relaxation Therapy Techniques, Anger & Stress Management Advice & Analysis Tools, QE and occasionally I use a bit of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Release Technique ..

But when asked the most popular and powerful tools I teach are those daily life skills that help empower clients  to experience more peace and self acceptance; such as meditation and relaxation as these help the client move from the ego to the self.

Fortunately I have been studying various styles of meditation for a longtime and have access to highly effective meditation techniques to suit different needs, especially those that empower the client to be able to access deep peace and acceptance, anywhere, anytime… with the right skills and dedication we can access a state of peace no matter what life challenges are presented to us. We may forget it is there to use, but it is there and freely available once you know how,  so to me that is the most powerful tool in my tool box.

When you teach a client how to meditate and access stillness, you teach them how to be in the moment, how to flow with life,  how not to get caught up in the resistance you can truly give that client a life transforming skill.

Many people teach meditation but don’t fully understand what they are teaching or how to teach it to support the student or client into incorporating it into their daily life. When you can truly do this and help the client understand that stress is pressure, stress is resistance, whilst meditation and peace is a neutral acceptance of that moment, not necessarily a giving up acceptance but a deep peaceful state of the present situation so when they have to make new decisions or new changes they will come from a more calmer neutral state instead of a fearful, anxious based state where most ego based decisions are made.

If you struggle with stress find it difficult to relax or switch off I have a range of online sessions and self study courses that teach you how to meditate and relax deeply. Contact me for more details

Or if you are a holistic therapist or coach I can teach you how to teach your clients powerful techniques that help them be in the moment by Becoming a Qualified Relaxation Therapist through our Certificated Online Relaxation Training

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Are Your Goals Killing You?

Are Your Goals Killing You?

Is Your Future Goals or Dreams Driving Your Health And Well-being Into The Ground

Dreams and goals can be the biggest motivating force that helps us through difficult situations. But when someone sets out to complete a goal or dream at any cost, it can be an individuals biggest source of stress and major cause of serious health challenges.

Especially when the motivation BEHIND that goal is distorted, unhealthy, for all the wrong reasons.

We would all DREAM of a more magical life but if we cannot live in the moment, enjoy or accept each moment or experience as it comes, we miss the chance to enjoy peace right now just as things are.

Goal Setting can be very helpful to achieve and break down many tasks, career and lifestyle changes but if we constantly focus on the future, believing we will be more happy when…everything will be okay when..I’ll do that when I have this… we are constantly living in our head, in potential stories of the future not in the right here, right now, where you need to be with your family, friends and self.

Most goals come from a place of fear and lack, not being enough, not having enough… we think if we get that better job, we will be more happy, more accepting, more loved, more secure, more free, more independent…but often or not when we get that, we realise there is more, more, more…and we need more and more help to fix the stress that comes with that new job, new relationship…

So many clients I see have spent decades on achieving that great job but by the time they get there all sorts of health complications and relationship challenges have been creeping in; exhaustion, stress, depression, anxiety…

They now spend most of their hard earned cash on fixing, buffering, soothing the demands of their crazy hectic life; housekeeper, babysitter, childminder, fast food deliveries, dog walker, iron service…and not forgetting those extra costs of stress and health, your weekly visit to the osteopath, the counsellor, personal trainer, weight and yoga class…

They soon realise too late they never really wanted that job, the pressure, the time away from their family, they only wanted the freedom they thought that dream or goal would give them. They crave for a much more simpler, peaceful life.

That is why when a client comes to a life or stress coach session we deeply explore the reasons behind a goal, a dream a lifestyle change.

So next time you are setting or are driven desperately by a dream or goal ask yourself why you really want this goal, what do you really think this dream or goal is really going to give you? What if it doesn’t?


Is it M.E. or Lymes

Is it M.E. or Lymes

What would you think?


I was diagnosed with M.E. approx. 25 years ago after living with a very long list of strange and chronic debilitating symptoms for a number of years. The last few years I have began to doubt my diagnosis.

Other than experiencing most of a very long list of typical M.E./CFS  typical symptoms and Fibromyalgia. I have experienced a wide range of unrelated conditions and symptoms that have baffled specialists especially rare symptoms in my left eye, in-fact threatened eye loss in my twenties.

But as more very strange neurological complications have appeared, the more I have came to question is it Chronic Lymes Disease I have. You see at the age of about 14 I had strange bites in my leg which left my legs and feet so swollen, I couldn’t put my shoes on which now on observation looked very like the bulls-eye rash caused by lymes.

But Lymes Disease isn’t straight forward to diagnose or treat.  There is a huge out cry around the world on inadequate lymes and lymes co-infection testing, particularly around UK NHS testing. Most world wide research suggests the NHS testing in the UK is not fit for purpose and one of the most inadequate tests at detecting the actual disease and or it’s co-infections. So much so the masses of potential lymes sufferers in the uk are being tested and treated abroad, for many it’s costing tens of thousands in treatment.

So let’s take a closer look at the differences, although both conditions have a very long list of many of the same symptoms, chronic untreated lymes is said to mimic many illnesses and is known to cause a lot of unexplained neurological and eye complications. 

Medical research papers show eye complication include optic atrophy, optic nerve atrophy, a swollen optic disc, detaching retina, light sensitivity, low intro-ocular pressure, chorioretinal folds, abnormal pupil size, dry eye … are all chronic lymes symptoms which I have suffered over the last 20 years that top specialists have never been able to explain the cause of.

Research also demonstrates a very long list of neurological symptoms and chronic lymes complications. Temporary paralysis (something I suffered regularly in the first 10-15 years), paraesthesia plus a wide range of cognitive problems; short term memory issues, poor concentration, poor recall and word retrieval ( I remember at one point being unable to remember my own sisters names, unable to count or able to read a child’s book) as well as sudden spatial awareness challenges, I trained as a pattern maker/dressmaker from the age of 17 years and then suddenly had challenges working out distance and space in my early twenties. But the challenge now is extreme noise sensitivity, a movement disorder; violent jerking, shaking, tics plus balance, co-ordination, and motor skills challenges. I  am now mostly housebound, going out is very uncomfortable, exhausting and extremely challenging particularly in a car or around traffic and specific noises. 

I have been told there is no treatment and I have to accept  that my symptoms may fluctuate but won’t go away. But as a healer and therapist I have a different view.

I have a very long list of not so nice other health challenges that never seem to co-relate and didn’t fit in relation to my age and lifestyle. In-fact according to the Horowitz Lymes- MSIDS Questionnaire if you score over 46 you have a high probability of a tick borne disorder, (lymes or one of its related co-infections). I scored 126.

 So after a lot of neurological tests and bit of battle with the NHS here in Scotland, I managed to get a NHS test early this year for lymes, but as  suspected and according to statistics  my result was negative, but despite having many very obvious symptoms related to possible lymes co-infection, I was not tested for this.

Now after a lot of careful thought I have decided to go for private testing from the most highly recommended lab in Germany. Knowing sadly, that even if it comes back positive, like many people living with chronic lymes, I will not be treated by the NHS here in the uk  and that I may not have the resources to receive private treatment. The NHS does not accept test results outside the UK and most sufferers need to go privately and the longer you have the condition, the longer and more intense the treatment, the reason so many  have to spend tens of thousands on treatment abroad.

But sadly I have to say a part of me is angry and sad, like so many people diagnosed with M.E.,  lymes or similar misunderstood conditions, I have spent most of my income trying to heal myself for the last 25 years. I live in the uk, where we are supposed to be all treated equally, to be entitled to free medical treatment, but most of my life I have never fitted into a specific medical category, illness or symptom that was fully supported, treated and most often not recognised, so like so many have been passed on to one specialist to another and told you just have to live with it.

I believe this isn’t good enough, I deserve more, everyone of you, in a similar situation deserves more. Don’t get me wrong, I will be forever grateful how these health experiences helped me find my life’s purpose as a healer, coach and therapist. But I cannot deny it robbed me, of so many areas and huge parts of my life that only my closest friends and family understand and recognise.

A person’s quality of life can be so seriously supported or thwarted by not just the limits of their disease, illness or condition but by the perception, limitations and/or neglect of care, we are given socially and medically. Those living with M.E/CFS, Lymes and other similar neglected conditions deserve so much more care, compassion, medical recognition, medical support and social responsibility. Let’s hope that no matter what, if its Lymes, M.E or whatever …that I and others in similar situations start to get a lot more compassion, care, support, hope and the medical treatment  we need and deserve.








The Stress Relief When You Accept Who You Are

The Stress Relief When You Accept Who You Are

Resisting Who You Are Is A Major Source Of Stress For Most People

In a society that for far too long  has focused so much attention on what is beautiful, what is acceptable,  what is not, what is trendy, what is not, what is of value, what is not… we have a rather screwed up distortion of what is of value.

So many of us place far more attention on money, other’s perception than on our own wellbeing or happiness, our own self love.

When you pretend or wish to be someone else to fit in, we waste a lot of energy wishing, trying and even resistance, trying to be someone we are not. You may not even be aware of it, perhaps you want to be more outgoing than Karen in the office or be exactly like George who seems so organised and great at everything. Maybe your hiding your individuality in fear of being viewed as weird.

Over the years I have witnessed so many clients and close friends and family, force or find themselves in roles where they were trying, had to or were receiving pressure to be someone else.

Stress is based on our perception, fear or threat, if you are suffering from constant stress, you are often in resistance to a challenge, situation and present life circumstance where you are not in the flow, your not relaxed.

When you can truly be yourself and accept yourself, you begin to truly live a life that is healthy for you. When you don’t, your surviving under a shadow, maybe that square peg trying to fit into that round hole, its frustrating, exhausting, uncomfortable and full of internal and external pressure to fit into that role, you have created.

I thought I was always being myself until much closer inspection and awareness made me realise, how much I had been kidding myself on.

I have been always been an empath, extremely sensitive, caring and generous, but in business I believed I had to hide behind this professional wall, this qualification, this expertise or my business name. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to have the highest qualifications, the most extensive experience to justify I was enough, you see I have lived with over 25 years of health challenges and a life time of emotional sensitivity which I was trying to deny not own. Although I didn’t hide my illnesses I suffered the shame that comes with many things we don’t like about ourselves. It was what I believed as my weak point, which some other people in my field used to try and dis-empower me.

But their lack of insight and awareness, was a mere reflection of my own beliefs and my unacceptance of me. I was not fully embracing and owning all the aspects of me, which makes me, me. As I have begun that journey towards total acceptance, I have begun to love and accept that these vulnerabilities that are not wrong, bad they are just me and very much why I am the caring, compassionate, experienced healer I am. Very much why I am the healer I am today.

What are you not fully embracing? What sort of pressure do you put yourself in to be? What part of you are you not owning? What parts of shame are actually your hidden key or hidden treasure to a much more amazing, powerful, yet peaceful, stress free life?

Natures Holiday First Aid Kit

Natures Holiday First Aid Kit

Most Holiday First Aid Kit’s are packed full of costly pharmaceutical pills, potions and creams that people never use.


Whilst so many of these products can be replaced with just a few versatile highly effective natural products and remedies, that are free from un-natural toxic, synthetic ingredients.

Here are a few of carefully selected natural products that you can also use at home, safely and effectively. Highly versatile products that will take up very little room in your case or holdall.


Lavender Pure Essential Oil– is an extremely versatile ingredient, although pure essential oils should always usually be diluted, lavender can be applied directly on the skin to alleviate any burn. It can be applied to bumps, bruises, bites, stings as well as being helpful for teething and to reduce temperature. for soothing tantrums and reduce sleep problems. A small 10ml bottle is highly concentrated and goes a very long way so takes up very little room in a case and a backpack.

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil is another extremely versatile essential oil. Tea Tree has powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, ant-fungal components which has been highly reputed as being a must in the first aid kit of the Australian army. It is particularly useful in the aid and treatment of fungal infections such as athletes foot, candida, thrush. Useful to clean wounds and infections, as well as spots, rashes, dandruff, it is often used as a lice repellent and I the treatment of bites. It can be used as a powerful cleaning ingredient, simply add to water to wipe down surfaces or utensils. Again a 10ml bottle is highly concentrated, so takes up such a tiny space in a backpack or case.

Travel Remedy – this discrete 9ml aromaball can be put in a pocket or handbag and used for anxiety, stress, fatigue and jet lag made with calming and anxiety reducing ingredients that will uplift you, to cope with the stress, strain of travelling.

Suncare– a necessity for any summer sun holiday. But did you know you no longer need to put highly toxic ingredients on your skin. NYROrganics offer a fantastic natural suncare range; sun lotion spf 15 to spf 50 with a soothing chamomile & aloe vera after sun lotion, to maintain healthy skin and golden long lasting tan. Want to help keep those insects away from your skin there is the Citronella Formula

Natural Deodorant– our bodies are supposed to breathe, especially in the warm sun. The natural ingredients in these natural spray deodorants help kill off bacteria without blocking your pores or sweat glands with parabens or metals.

Arnica- is a must if going on an activity or sporty holiday or if you have a child or even adult that tends to end up with a lot of bumps and bruises, Arnica is a very useful treatment for soothing bruising, the cream draws the bruising out and encourages healthier, quicker healing.

Echinacea- is great at boosting he immune system, this tincture is extremely useful for those more likely to catch the latest flu or virus.

Eucalyptus Pastilles– a travel aid or sore throats or the elderberry and propolis throat spray for infected/sore throat/coughs.


Why Dehydration Can Seriously Affect our Stress Levels

Why Dehydration Can Seriously Affect our Stress Levels

Dehydration Can Cause Major Stress To The Body

But other than the obvious stress that dehydration puts on the body to work more, dehydration puts serious pressure on the bodies organs and systems, it imbalances the bodies natural homeostasis, healing and rejuvenating process. Dehydration can be mild to severe and includes a wide range of symptoms.

Adequate water intake is required for digestion, nutritional absorption and distribution, our metabolic, immune, endocrine and respiratory system as well as detoxification. Our bodies are not designed to hold on to water so it needs to be hydrated daily if not;

  • Dehydration can cause lack of concentration, confusion and fatigue.
  • Dehydration can cause irritability and emotional vulnerability.
  • Dehydration is often confused for hunger and leads to binge eating or sugar fixes especially in the mid afternoon.

Moderate to severe symptoms of dehydration includes lowered blood pressure, increased heart rate, fainting, dizziness and emotional outbursts.The recommended intake of water per person is approx 0.5 oz per Ilb of weight. Dehydration can be one influencing fact of stress at work especially in warm weather or warm environments like hospitals, nursing homes, schools….

Our body is made up of at least 50% water. Even a 2% decrease in water intake can affect your physical, mental and visual cognitive abilities. Amanda Carlson, RD director of performance nutrition at Athletes’ Performance, a trainer of world-class athletes states that “Studies have shown that being just half a litre dehydrated can increase your cortisol levels” Cortisol is a major stress hormone that can play havoc with our sleep when elevated, it can affect memory, learning, immune system, blood pressure…

If you want to help keep stress levels at bay, make sure you stay hydrated today.


Relaxation Training for Health and Charity Sectory

Relaxation Training for Health and Charity Sectory

Why Relaxation Teacher Training is a sustainable investment for Health and Charity Sectors


Relaxation Therapy Training teaches students and clients highly effective Meditation and Relaxation Skills that can  be taught to clients, service users individually and in large groups.

We all know how much STRESS affects health, mental well-being, relationships, finances and more….

Training staff as Relaxation Teachers / Relaxation Therapists FREE’s up RESOURCES

It can HELP REDUCE not just service users STRESS but help REDUCE Staff’s STRESS

Relaxation Therapist Training can help INCREASE SUSTAINABILITY to the charity. With a trained Relaxation Therapist in the team, you can support staff, support clients and hire out your services to other organisations and bring well needed revenue to your organisation.

The professional accredited online training which includes online live sessions equips staff with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to help clients and service users reduce and manage their stress effectively and safely. You can now be confident your staff member is fully qualified with the skills to do the job.

The training includes both a necessary foundation course Level 1 & 2 to Become a Qualified Relaxation Therapist it involves approx 100 hours home study, self practice. Level 1- Introduction to Relaxation Therapy for Self Use is designed to help you master the necessary skills for your self before Level 2- Become a Relaxation Therapist Training CLICK HERE for information on content of course, costings etc

Stress Coach Training an approved training school by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine it was originally established as a holistic well-being service in 2000 as The World of Health by Eileen Burns. Eileen specialised in provided classes and training to local education, health and charity sectors in Lanarkshire, Scotland for over 14 years.

The  Relaxation Therapy Training Programme has been written by Eileen Burns who is a highly experienced and qualified Stress Management Expert, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Therapist who has been studying meditation and stress management disciplines for approx 25 years. A full ISMA eileen ensures clear guidelines, ethics and professional boundaries in all training.




How to Bring Quiet Time into a Busy Family Life

How to Bring Quiet Time into a Busy Family Life

The biggest challenge that every busy family has with young children or teenagers is creating more downtime, more quiet time and more deeper connection time.

Quiet Time is a simple way for everyone in the family to experience more calm less chaos, more fun less fighting in their daily or weekly routine. I have witnessed huge benefits in many of the families I have taught Quiet Time to. The parents and children feel much more relaxed, more confident and content.

Quiet Time can be many things but even a few minutes of meditation at Quiet Time can help everyone feel so much more relaxed, calm, peaceful , happier and healthier. This time is for everyone and should be a time for listening and sharing. Each person should get a set time where they share how they are feeling and what happened in their day, everyone should really listen without judgement and then move on to the next family member and so on…It is ideal just before or after dinner, a saturday or sunday afternoon before activities.

Kids Having Fun Playing On The Grass

Most parents and families have found the quality time from Quiet Time invaluable in their relationships with their kids and as a stress management aid to family stress. Parents comment on how more happy, confident everyone seems to be and how they seems to experience more calm time in their day. When we are in the midst of the chaos of anxiety and stress, our FEAR brain seems to runaway, when we spend quality time more relaxed our CALM brain recognises there is enough time for all that is important. We become more focused and effective with each tasks and we spend less time distracting ourselves with things that are not as healthy or important for our needs.


3 Important Guidelines for Quiet Time

    1. Quiet Routine: It is so much easier to incorporate family quiet time when you have a set a daily or weekly routine for it, that everyone knows about. Structure helps create healthy routine and boundaries. Set a daily or at least weekly time when you all agree to unwind and slow down.A time where you simply be, rather than do. This is a great time for everyone to take their time, to share how they are feeling and their stories of their day.The No1 Rule is each person gets a time to speak, everyone else has to listen without disturbing them. It encourages healthier listening skills, awareness, healthier communication and family bonding.
    2. Quality Time: Choose a time that will cause the least resistance eg. before or after meals, just before bedtime, a Saturday or Sunday when no one has commitments, no special activities e.g. football games, parties… Quiet Time doesn’t have to be at home, around the table, it can be achieved going for a calm quiet walk, even going out for dinner can introduce some quiet time…everyone gets a chance to speak and listen before your meal arrives..
    3. Switch OFF: It is important during Quiet Time that everyone switches off all mobile phones and other technological devices such as computers, laptops, i-pads, game devices…These devices over stimulate the mind and make it difficult for us to relax, rest and experience a healthy calm especially in kids and teenagers who are more sensitive to stimuli and addictive habits. It is important to have everyone’s undivided attention.
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The No 1 Step to Inner Guidance

The No 1 Step to Inner Guidance

The most important step in finding your inner guidance is connecting to your inner self in a state of harmony and peace.

You can do this more easily and effectively with the discipline and daily practice of meditation. Meditation helps us not just to experience more calm and peace in your every day life,  but helps you be in a state of being, a state of connection without the unhealthy distractions or chaos of the chatter of the modern monkey mind.

Meditation helps us move away from states of anxiety and stress; fear and confusion to harmony, balance and alignment. The perfect state of being to connect to the real inner you, your intuition, your very own navigation system to what’s right for you and what your here to do.

When you learn to meditate properly and effectively, you move away from what you think you have to, should do, must do, to what really feels right for you, what feels natural for you. Meditation helps you access the deepest part of you away from your fear based limiting beliefs and conditioning.  Most traditional meditation practice helps us increase our awareness of the peace, the stillness that is always there, it moves our focus from outward to inward.Most clients I see are so caught up in the external world they have forgot the route into their own inner wisdom and insight.

Guided visualisation also known as guided meditation is the use imagery, colours, textures, shapes, sounds all our general senses and feelings to help  tap into our creativity our inner wisdom. But this tends to be only truly effective when one has learned to practice and master deeper states of traditional based meditation and awareness. It requires a cultivation of patience, discipline and focus.

You can learn a range of meditation skills that will help you experience less stress, experience less anxiety, more calm , more peace, more grounding, inner knowing and guidance with our range of Meditation and Relaxation downloads


Why Blu Ray Technology seriously affects SLEEP

Why Blu Ray Technology seriously affects SLEEP

Studies suggest over 60% of people spend more than 6 hours a day looking at digital devices

Other than sugar, caffeine and drugs the biggest causes of over stimulation today and stress today is technology especially artificial BLUE RAY exposure.

Blue light in its natural state in day light can increase mood, encourage a healthy sleep cycle and improve our our sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being. But Blue Light in its artificial state e.g. Blu Ray in technological devices could suggest a rather different and alarming story to our health and well-being especially as more and more electrical devices are using artifical blue light. It is now the LED light emitting device used in mobile phones, computers, ipads, fluorescent lighting… In its un-natural state it It is particularly harmful at night when it seriously affects our circadian rhythm; our sleep and wake cycles which as a huge knock on effect to our health and well-being. These short, flickering, high frequency glares at night don’t just seriously affect our sleep cycles, but can cause serious stress and over stimulation to the mind, body and emotions affecting concentration, they also are a main cause of mental tiredness, strain on the eyes and neck in-fact long-term use is said to lead to possible damage to the retina even sight loss and carry an increase risk of depression and other mental health challenges and cognitive functioning.

Interestingly a harvard research showed that exposure to blue ray lighting for 6.5 hours suppressed melatonin for approx 3 hours. With so many children being prescribed melatonin for sleep difficulties could in-fact the answer be much more simpler less exposure to BLUE RAY.

It is estimated that 3/4 of teenagers are exposed regularly to some sort online technological device such as a mobile, ipad, computer, more and more children suffer fatigue, poor concentration, anxiety stress, poor sleep patterns and clear over stimulation. One study infact suggested kids spent more than 7 hours a day watching electrical entertainment.

A neuroscientist demonstrates further research on reading at night from LED’s “Participants who read on light-emitting devices took longer to fall asleep, had less REM sleep [the phase when we dream] and had higher alertness before bedtime [than those people who read printed books]. We also found that after an eight-hour sleep episode, those who read on the light-emitting device were sleepier and took longer to wake up.” Q&A: Why Is Blue Light before Bedtime Bad for Sleep?

To encourage Healthier Sleep patterns reduced exposure to technology late at night is a must. To ease the body back into a more natural circadian rhythm the body must learn to relax and unwind. Here is some Top Tops to Encourage Healthier Sleep with Natural Alternatives to Sleep Medication

Emergency Stress Aid Kit for Work

Emergency Stress Aid Kit for Work

Most of us know how easy it is to get Stressed at Work. Work related stress is on the increase for various reasons; high targets, demanding  work, controlling bosses, bullying, harassment, poor
systems or management, unskilled colleagues…

I teach various stress reduction strategies and stress eliminating skills to assist with workplace stress especially teaching employees, clients how to SWITCH off at breaks and lunchtime, but there are now a wide range of natural stress remedies and stress aids that can help support you experience more calm than chaos at work.

A simple, fast effective meditation techniques such as my 5 Minute Meditation  a simple less than 5 minute meditation technique that can be used at breaks, on public transport, in waiting areas..

Rescue Remedy is a Bach’s Flower Essence useful for anxiety, stress, shock, trauma, worry, exams, driving test….it can be used alongside any medication and is simply added to your drinking water. 

Water good hydration places an important in maintaining homeostasis in the body part of any stress reduction program.

A soothing calming cuppa, such as this Organic Calming Tea designed to help you Relax, Unwind

A relaxing aromaball that can be applied to the neck, temples and pulse points

A brain boosting supplement like this Cognitive Supplement for intense periods of mental focus

A Supernutrient Vitamin B Complex helpful to support the bodies nervous and energy system


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