Emergency Stress Aid Kit for Work

Emergency Stress Aid Kit for Work

Most of us know how easy it is to get Stressed at Work. Work related stress is on the increase for various reasons; high targets, demanding  work, controlling bosses, bullying, harassment, poor
systems or management, unskilled colleagues…

I teach various stress reduction strategies and stress eliminating skills to assist with workplace stress especially teaching employees, clients how to SWITCH off at breaks and lunchtime, but there are now a wide range of natural stress remedies and stress aids that can help support you experience more calm than chaos at work.

A simple, fast effective meditation techniques such as my 5 Minute Meditation  a simple less than 5 minute meditation technique that can be used at breaks, on public transport, in waiting areas..

Rescue Remedy is a Bach’s Flower Essence useful for anxiety, stress, shock, trauma, worry, exams, driving test….it can be used alongside any medication and is simply added to your drinking water. 

Water good hydration places an important in maintaining homeostasis in the body part of any stress reduction program.

A soothing calming cuppa, such as this Organic Calming Tea designed to help you Relax, Unwind

A relaxing aromaball that can be applied to the neck, temples and pulse points

A brain boosting supplement like this Cognitive Supplement for intense periods of mental focus

A Supernutrient Vitamin B Complex helpful to support the bodies nervous and energy system


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