The Many Benefits Of Relaxation Therapy

The Many Benefits Of Relaxation Therapy

What Are The Benefits Of Relaxation Therapy?

Relaxation Therapy is the safe and therapeutic use of highly effective self-help, mind and body management techniques that encourage the body into deep stages of relaxation known as the “relaxation response”.

There is a lot of medical research that demonstrates the effectiveness of these techniques to help clients manage and reduce chronic stress or anxiety. These techniques very successfully assist the body off,  the “stress response” otherwise known as the “fight or flight” response into a deeply relaxed state.

We know that stress can be the biggest killer of modern day living. So any self-help techniques that encourage the mental, emotional and physical body back into balance and harmony could be viewed by some as life savers. And for a healer or therapist, these are highly valuable, powerful and profitable skills that can be passed on to clients. Or taught to small and large groups of people.

As a stress management teacher and coach for over 15 years, I love the fact that Relaxation Therapy Techniques are designed to teach and empower the client or student. They are taught the tools so they can bring themselves into a more calmer and balanced way of being. The Relaxation Therapist or Teacher is helping to support and motivate the client so they can experience more PEACE, more self confidence and achieve improved health. Despite being highly qualified in many disciplines of therapy and stress management. Most of my work involved teaching relaxation therapy- a variety of meditation, relaxation and stress management tools to the health, education and charity sector.

The Relaxation Therapist or Teacher is usually qualified in a variety of meditation, relaxation and stress management techniques which include sleep therapy. So they are confident at supporting and motivating the client to make simple but necessary changes. That will help them experience more contentment, self-confidence, more clarity and focus in their everyday life. A generally better quality of life with improved health and well-being.

what is relaxation and why does relaxation help reduce stress, anxiety and sleep disorders

Relaxation Therapy can include a wide range of relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing and sometimes movement therapy e.g. Autogenic Training, Breathing Techniques, Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Creative Visualisation or Guided Meditation, different styles of Meditation…

Muscle Relaxation Techniques work by relaxing the mind and body, techniques such as Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation begin by relaxing the muscles & nervous system in-turn relaxing the mind. Assisting the mind from our normal alert conscious state of Beta to Alpha a relaxed, calm state where both healing and learning cultivates most effectively. These techniques are commonly used as an aid in pain management, sleep therapy, anxiety or stress management and to help cope with chronic health challenges.

Muscle Relaxation Techniques like Meditation help reduce blood pressure, regulate the bodies nervous, immune system, endocrine system..the whole body is brought to balance. Breathing Techniques help eliminate hyperventilation and panic disorders.

Guided visualisation sometimes termed as guided meditation during deep healing can be cultivated in Theta level a deep state of relaxation associated with dreaming and in states of hypnosis. But like most therapies need to be taught properly to ensure client safety and therapy effectiveness.

You can learn powerful relaxation therapy skills to help you let go of stress or learn powerful meditation & relaxation skills to teach clients. Our RELAXATION THERAPY TRAINING is suitable for Individuals, Therapists, Healers, Coaches, Counsellors, Support Workers,

Our online relaxation therapist training is available as certificated and non-certificated and is suitable for Individuals, Therapists, Healers, Coaches, Counsellors, Support Workers, Teachers…

To be a fully Qualified and Accredited Relaxation Therapist with us you need to undertake and pass our level 1 & 2 training. But for self-use you can simply take the non-certificated level 1- Introduction To Relaxation Therapy For Self Use

Level 1 course include Stress Response, Relaxation Response, Breathing Techniques, Basic Meditation & Relaxation Techniques, Sleep Hygiene…

Level 2 course includes Being a Therapist, Client Safety Guidelines, HAP & SMA., Adv Meditation & Relaxation Techniques, Safe effective use of Guided Visualisation & Creative Visualisation, Music for Relaxation, Setting the Scene. Sleep Therapy.

We are an approved accredited training provider by the International Practitioners Holistic Medicine

Eileen Burns, Stress Coach has been studying meditation and relaxation therapy, stress management for over 20 years.

Click here for more on Eileen Burns’s Qualifications and Experience 


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