The Most Simple Ways To Meditate

The Most Simple Ways To Meditate

The Most Simple Ways To Meditate

It’s funny how many people think of modern-day mindfulness as the only or most simple way to meditate. But there are many different ways to meditate, some take more practice, some are more quick and easy

Mindfulness-based stress reduction courses have become the latest fad in meditation and stress management approaches in the western world over the last 5 years. But there are various ways to meditate, there are many ways to access to deep stillness. Jon Kabat Zinn’s MBSR is a modified interpretation of the Buddhist art of mindfulness.

Any sort of meditation can be hugely beneficial as a stress relief to help loosen off our crazy attachment to our monkey thoughts. But there is so much more out there in the world of meditation. And I am not talking about guided meditation that again is something totally different. Now more than ever we can access some of the most powerful traditional based meditation teachings and some of the fastest and effective modern techniques, all equally used to access the deepest stillness.


As a meditation teacher, I have taught various styles of meditation some amazingly powerful, some short and effective. Here is a sample of some the meditation techniques I have taught.


  1. Traditional Breath Meditation– is one of the oldest versions of meditation, which involves being an observer of your breath. It involves making sure you let go of any need to try and control or change your breath. Get FREE access to my Traditional Breath Meditation today. Although simple, very stressed out beginners can get very easily distracted and find no 2 more effective at the start.

  2. 5 Minute Meditation I adapted this from a style Of Qi Qong Me easily distracted teenagers and this became the most popular technique for all ages I taught over 15 years.

  3. QE is a technique that induces deep stillness instantly. A very useful tool to aid the client or student who struggled with taking time out, switching off or relaxing. And for chronic pain sufferers.

  4. Mantra Meditation are often used in yoga, specific mantra’s like OM all have different meanings and different healing benefits. Modern styles of meditation use useful mantras that are also affirmations that can be stress reducing anchors such as RELAX, PEACE.

  5. Guided Meditation– technically in many ways not a meditation technique but are guided visualisations, guided journeys. They can be extremely therapeutic at moving the mind away from negative thoughts to more pleasant healing thoughts, can be useful for sleep therapy.


So as you see Meditation doesn’t have to be mindfulness, it doesn’t have to be hard, long or traditional it can be fast, fun and really effective.

As I mentioned above many beginners to meditation, can get very easily distracted in the early stages and find it difficult to set 20 minutes a day.  This is the main reason I began teaching what became my most popular effective meditation, my 5 Minute Meditation, it actually takes just over 4 minutes short and can be used at work, on public transport, waiting rooms…It is so simple kids can use it.

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  1. Hi Stresscoach,
    Thank you for this educative post on meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to relieve stress and find inner peace if it is well done. You have stated that it should not be mindful, hard or traditional and I totally agree with you. Thanks for your perspective on it and keep adding value.

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