The No 1 Step to Inner Guidance

The No 1 Step to Inner Guidance

The most important step in finding your inner guidance is connecting to your inner self in a state of harmony and peace.

You can do this more easily and effectively with the discipline and daily practice of meditation. Meditation helps us not just to experience more calm and peace in your every day life,  but helps you be in a state of being, a state of connection without the unhealthy distractions or chaos of the chatter of the modern monkey mind.

Meditation helps us move away from states of anxiety and stress; fear and confusion to harmony, balance and alignment. The perfect state of being to connect to the real inner you, your intuition, your very own navigation system to what’s right for you and what your here to do.

When you learn to meditate properly and effectively, you move away from what you think you have to, should do, must do, to what really feels right for you, what feels natural for you. Meditation helps you access the deepest part of you away from your fear based limiting beliefs and conditioning.  Most traditional meditation practice helps us increase our awareness of the peace, the stillness that is always there, it moves our focus from outward to inward.Most clients I see are so caught up in the external world they have forgot the route into their own inner wisdom and insight.

Guided visualisation also known as guided meditation is the use imagery, colours, textures, shapes, sounds all our general senses and feelings to help  tap into our creativity our inner wisdom. But this tends to be only truly effective when one has learned to practice and master deeper states of traditional based meditation and awareness. It requires a cultivation of patience, discipline and focus.

You can learn a range of meditation skills that will help you experience less stress, experience less anxiety, more calm , more peace, more grounding, inner knowing and guidance with our range of Meditation and Relaxation downloads


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