The Tool Box Of A Stress Therapist

The Tool Box Of A Stress Therapist

Most Stress Management Consultants, Therapists and Coaches have a large box of therapeutic tools to choose from to help assist and empower clients and students to make transforming changes in their life.

Some strategies give fast immediate relief that sometimes can be short lived, others if given to the client to use as a self help tool or daily life skill are far more empowering and effective.

I began studying stress management in the 90’s when stress management was still mostly associated with stress at work, I had to already been studying reiki, meditation and other holistic well-being disciplines so I decided to combine the more traditional styles of stress management tools  used in the work place with more holistic approaches.

My work included a combination of Counselling, CBT, Flower Remedies, Life Coaching, Healing, Meditation, Relaxation Therapy Techniques, Anger & Stress Management Advice & Analysis Tools, QE and occasionally I use a bit of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Release Technique ..

But when asked the most popular and powerful tools I teach are those daily life skills that help empower clients  to experience more peace and self acceptance; such as meditation and relaxation as these help the client move from the ego to the self.

Fortunately I have been studying various styles of meditation for a longtime and have access to highly effective meditation techniques to suit different needs, especially those that empower the client to be able to access deep peace and acceptance, anywhere, anytime… with the right skills and dedication we can access a state of peace no matter what life challenges are presented to us. We may forget it is there to use, but it is there and freely available once you know how,  so to me that is the most powerful tool in my tool box.

When you teach a client how to meditate and access stillness, you teach them how to be in the moment, how to flow with life,  how not to get caught up in the resistance you can truly give that client a life transforming skill.

Many people teach meditation but don’t fully understand what they are teaching or how to teach it to support the student or client into incorporating it into their daily life. When you can truly do this and help the client understand that stress is pressure, stress is resistance, whilst meditation and peace is a neutral acceptance of that moment, not necessarily a giving up acceptance but a deep peaceful state of the present situation so when they have to make new decisions or new changes they will come from a more calmer neutral state instead of a fearful, anxious based state where most ego based decisions are made.

If you struggle with stress find it difficult to relax or switch off I have a range of online sessions and self study courses that teach you how to meditate and relax deeply. Contact me for more details

Or if you are a holistic therapist or coach I can teach you how to become a calm coach or therapist. And once you have mastered these skills yourself, you can teach your clients some of these powerful techniques. With my brand new Calm Coach Kit- Stress Management Course

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