I am Eileen Burns, a Stress Expert, Healer & Therapist who began studying holistic well-being 25 years ago.

I provide online self study programs to help you let go of anxiety and stress and marketing programs for coaches and therapists.

For over 15 years I  a taught a wide range of stress management, meditation and empowerment training to local education, health and charity sectors in lanarkshire, scotland, uk.

As well as my online and one to one to adult and children worldwide. I am qualified to university level as an Advanced Stress Advisor, Life Coach and CBT practitioner, a Reiki Master who began studying Reiki in the early 90’s. I am also a highly experienced Meditation Teacher of various disciplines, Relaxation Therapist, Holistic Therapist, Stress and M.E. Counsellor….

You can now access my online courses and CPD Relaxation Therapist Training for Professionals, Spiritual Marketing & Mentoring for Therapists and Coaches.

Learn how to teach your clients and students powerful meditation and relaxation techniques, safely and effectively become a qualified relaxation teacher and therapist.

30 Days to STOP 130 Days to STOP and Let Go of Stress

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