Career As A Relaxation Therapist

Creating A Career As A Relaxation Therapist & Relaxation Teacher. Despite being a highly qualified coach, healer, therapist and stress advisor. I spent most of 18 years in stress management working as a relaxation therapist and teacher. Teaching a wide range of meditation, relaxation, anxiety and stress busting tools and techniques.

 I got to feel as calm and relaxed as the students and clients I taught. Helping stressed out clients and students, learn how to relax, learn how to let go of chronic anxiety and stress. I got to share my skills as a meditation teacher, stress management advisor and therapist.

For the last 5 years I have trained therapists up as relaxation therapists and teachers.  Which over the last few years has became online training.

You can have a career as a relaxation therapist.

Organisations Where I Grew My Career As A Relaxation Therapist

One of the biggest areas of my career as a relaxation therapist. Was  my work as a coach, teacher and trainer as a contractor to the education, health, community and charity sector. I taught all sorts of aspects of holistic well-being and stress management. But the most common techniques wanted by these organisations were cost-effective life-long stress management skills. The simple powerful meditation and relaxation techniques I share in my Certificated Relaxation Therapist & Teacher Training.

career as a relaxation therapist

So What Does A Qualified Relaxation Teacher Teach?

A Certificated Relaxation Teacher & Therapist

Teaches simple yet powerful stress management strategies that help the mind, body and emotions come off the “stress response” into the “relaxed response”.

A Relaxation Teacher & Therapist is usually qualified in a wide range of breathing, relaxation, meditation, anxiety and stress management techniques. Used in various ways to reduce, manage and let go of chronic anxiety, chronic stress, depression, insomnia even pain management.

The Many Benefits Of Teaching Relaxation Therapy

The great thing about teaching relaxation, meditation and stress management techniques is these tools are so versatile.

Many relaxation therapist techniques can help eliminate and reduce a wide range of health and wellness challenges. They don’t just reduce anxiety and stress.

Relaxation tools and techniques help reduce insomnia, depression, and reduce muscle tension and pain as part of a pain management program.

Relaxation therapy is not just for one to one clients but is very effective in groups, classes and workshops.

What Organisations Want A Certificated Relaxation Therapist & Teacher?

Most health, education and charity sectors recognise the dangers of unqualified teachers and trainers in these fields. Especially the NHS, schools, charities and support organisations who support vulnerable people who are highly anxious and stressed.

I have had the honour to teach all sorts of ages and sectors from 3 to over 70, to children with special needs, adults with addiction, carers, mental health, health challenges and disablements. Despite being qualified to university level my skills as a meditation teacher, relaxation therapist and stress management have always been the most popular.

The thing I love most about teaching relaxation therapy is that you get to teach life long skills. Powerful life skills that clients can apply to their daily life to become more happier and healthier. Especially simple and effective meditation and  mindfulness activities.

Where Can You Train As A Certificated Relaxation Teacher & Therapist?

Relaxation Therapy Training is still quite a niche therapy and training. So as yet it is not a widely available training, especially by teachers that specialied in this area. I used to offer live training in scotland but now all my training is online, which includes online live webinars and online live assessments. Through my training business Stress Coach Training

The training is now available as a non-certificated course for personal use or Certificated for professional use. Our Accreditation Level requires you to undertake the full Relaxation Therapy Training, quizzes, assessments and the case studies, assessments for accreditation. Most students do the course over 6 – 12 months, the recognise the importance of mastering the techniques themselves before teaching them to others.

At the moment I don’t know of any other training that teaches students as many different tools and techniques. I not only bring a wealth of knowledge in this work but  experience as a stress management advisor and consultant, meditation teacher, counsellor, coach and healer.

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career as a relaxation therapist and teacher

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