Workplace Stress is sadly on the increase for various reasons.

Stress at work is common where there is high targets, demanding work, controlling or unskilled bosses or colleagues, bullying, harassment, poor systems or management…

As a Stress Management Advisor my role involves teaching both stress management awareness and stress reduction skills that can help reduce workplace stress. When you increase stress management awareness,  such as helping identify key stressors in the workplace. You not only can help management to take necessary action to reduce stressors but you can help increase compassion, staff morale and strengthen group dynamics between management and employees.

When you increase stress management awareness in the workplace,  such as helping identify key stressors. You not only help management take the necessary action to reduce key stressors but you can help increase compassion, staff morale and strengthen group dynamics, especially between management and employees.

Here are just a few ways you can help reduce workplace stress.

Everyone should take time out SWITCH off at breaks and lunchtime, move away from their area of work. When we work through breaks, don’t take time out our body forgets how to switch off it remains in the stress response.

Learn how to say NO start learning the importance of assertiveness and boundaries, this is a necessary part of remaining healthy at work. If you find this challenging discuss this with management.

Drink plenty of water, dehydration increases anxiety and stress levels. Good hydration places an important in maintaining homeostasis in the body part of any stress reduction program.

Encourage healthier eating, always have healthy snacks in your drawer or bag. Suggest management put a small fruit bowl in the canteen, this can make a huge difference to staff on the run. Unhealthy food increases anxiety, stress and depression. A brain-boosting supplement like this Cognitive Supplement for intense periods of mental focus. Supernutrient Vitamin B Complex helpful to support the bodies nervous and energy system

Use a simple, fast effective meditation technique or relaxation technique such as my 5 Minute Meditation a simple less than 5-minute meditation technique that can be used at work tea breaks, on public transport, in waiting areas…

Rescue Remedy is a Bach’s Flower Essence useful for anxiety, stress, shock, trauma, worry, exams, driving test….it can be used alongside any medication and is simply added to your drinking water. 

A soothing calming cuppa, such as this Organic Calming Tea designed to help you Relax, Unwind

A relaxing aromaball that can be applied to the neck, temples and pulse points. The stress relieving aromatherapy oils encourage a calming, relaxing effect.



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