Top Holistic Alternatives For Anxiety & Stress

Here in the U.K. millions of people are turning to natural therapies and remedies as an aid to their well being, approx 1/3rd of cancer sufferers 1 in 2 with breast cancer use some sort of complementary therapy as part of their treatment or rehabilitation. And so many are using holistic alternatives for anxiety and stress.

As a nation more and more people are moving to alternative therapies and holistic approaches for all sorts of physical, mental and emotional well-being issues. More specifically those suffering from chronic conditions that mainstream medicine finds difficult to treat.

With an increase in Stress and Mental Health Issues, society as a whole is seeking alternatives to anti-anxiety and stress medication.

Some Holistic Alternatives For Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and Stress Management is probably the most obvious if we don’t understand and identify our anxiety or stress well how can we sort it out. Stress Management offers various strategies to help identify, analyse and manage your stress and effectively. Just like anxiety management.

Aromatherapy essential oilsnatural alternatives for anxiety, stress relief have various therapeutic benefits, ylang ylang, frankincense, lavender, vetivert and valerian are all useful essential oils to help relax, unwind and encourage a deep restful sleep when feeling stressed or anxious.

Bach Flower Therapies are flower essences used to treat mental and emotional states, issues and challenges; various type’s of anxiety, worry, shock and trauma. They are taken internally as a tincture and can be taken with prescription medicine. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is one of the most popular natural remedies used for anxiety or stress e.g. exams and driving test.

Counselling is still one of the most common ways people off load. Counselling offers a supportive environment to discuss your difficulties in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy a popular form of psychotherapy used by the NHS that helps address unhealthy thinking that causes and increases anxiety and stress.

Herbal Medicine includes various forms of natural plant, resins, shrubs or flowers such as Kava Kava or Valerian both used for insomnia and anxiety, St Johns Wort for Depression……Skullcap for stress, anxiety and worry .

Meditation–  is now extremely popular. Learning the right meditation skills can be a powerful tool that help’s sufferers let go of the grip of distorted thinking; thoughts or worries that keep the mind and body into a chronic anxious or stress state. One of the reason mindfulness has become the latest fad in anxiety and stress management.  But you don’t have to study mindfulness to access stillness and peace right away. My less than 5 Minute Meditation is extremely powerful, in-fact the most popular meditation technique I have taught over the last 17 years. And once you have mastered you will be able to get into that deep state of peace wherever, whenever you want.

Nutritional Therapy is now being recognised for its benefits in helping build anxiety and stress resilience. You would be surprised how much a nutritionalist can help with your well being through times of stress and anxiety particularly when your eating habits are a lot to desire. Most peoples eating habits get seriously poorer when feeling stressed our anxious leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, dehydration, poor digestion and eating the wrong foods for your body which in turn makes you feel even more unwell. Dehydration adds stress to the body, low levels of iron, Bb12 lead to fatigue, poor concentration, and more anxiety.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses both plant, mineral and animal extracts. TCM works on the principle of the bodies Qi, energy flow, blood flow, the main bodies organs, and meridians. That is why traditional Chinese herbalists also usually offer acupuncture to work on the Qi flow in the organs and meridian lines. In TCM anxiety, depression and stress are viewed as suppression of Qi in the liver, usually, you would be prescribed mixed herbs sometimes required to be boiled as a tea…Magnolia Bark is used to move Qi and resolve stagnation, Hoelin Mushroom calms the spirit.



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