7 Natural Remedies to help Fight Colds and Flu

No need to resort to over the counter toxic medication for cold and flu packed with sugars, stimulants and other toxins, there are so many natural remedies available that will help boost your Immune System and alleviate Cold and Flu Symptoms more holistically after the STRESS of Christmas

No 1: Eucalyptus Essential Oil- Eucalyptus should like Lavender and Tea Tree be part of any home first aid kit. Eucalyptus mixed with a carrier oil as a massage blend  for the chest as an inhalant or added to the bath for any adults is great for Colds and Flu’s particularly chesty cough, sore muscles, runny nose and headaches. Not suitable during pregnancy ad should be used sparingly in low doses particularly on sensitive skin as it is very strong.

No 2: Lemon Essential Oil generally boosts immune system and for colds and flu, sore throats,  catarrh, also particularly useful for  poor circulation and diabetics. Best application should be in bath water can be mixed with a carrier oil as a massage blend but use in low doses. Do not apply to skin short before exposing yourself to natural or artificial sun devices.

No 3: Lavender Essential Oil, lavender is a great all rounder and should be the first thing in any home first aid kit. Lavender particularly added to bath water is deeply relaxing, useful at reducing muscular aches and pains due to flu, can help reduce temperatures particularly in children.{Add to bath water or add a few drops to a cool cloth and apply to forehead or wipe child down} Useful for various other cold and flu related symptoms such as coughs, catarrh, headache, depression and stress related disorders also useful for many insomnia sufferers.

No 4: Echinacea is a well reputed herbal remedy that boosts the immune system, made from fresh echinacea flowers it is normally available as a tincture and should be used for a few days stopped and then restarted should not be used continually on a long term basis with out breaks.

No 5: Eucalyptus Pastilles, these soothing eucalyptus honey pastilles are pleasant and soothing to take all completely natural enriched with propolis another immune boosting ingredient and essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and rosemary

No 6. Organic Honey & Thyme Syrup or for vegans the Organic Elderberry Syrup soothing cough syrups both made from natural ingredients.

No 7. Superfood that can be added to your juices, smoothies, cereals or yogurt to make sure you are getting the right nutritional support as a preventative or to boost your defence system, most diseases are caused by inadequate nutrition or poor digestion. High quality super foods are highly absorbent, nutritious and  full of antioxidants. NYR Organics offer both their Organic Berry Complex with Antioxidant Vitamin C and Organic Green Complex with Purifying Chlorella, both Organic, Gluten and Dairy Free, Kosher and suitable for vegans


Detoxing is a great way to keep your Immune system and bodies natural defence in tip top, Neal Yard Remedies are offering a Special Discount of 20% of their Natural Detox Kit for a Limited Time only ORDER NOW it includes the Organic Green Complex Superfood, Vitamin B Complex, Cleanse Aromatherapy Blend & the Ginger & Juniper Warming Oil


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Hi I am Eileen Burns, stress-coach. I have been studying holistic welbeing, stress management, healing and meditation for over 20 years.I teach powerful meditation and life skills to help clients manage their stress, their life, their anxiety and health challenges.


  1. This is definitely a useful post for this time of the year. I Love lavender and Eucalyptus.

    1. thanks wendy, my favourites are Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Sandalwood 🙂
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  2. Thanks for the helpful information especially during cold and flu season. I will share this blog post with others.

    1. thanks Patti, your shares are appreciated 🙂
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