What is Anxiety?


Anxiety and Stress is our reaction to our day to day life. The STRESS response is an inbuilt survival response to safeguard the body in a real life or death situation.

ANXIETY is one way modern day STRESS manifests in the physical and emotional body. If the mind, body and emotions continually think and react in the same way it gets caught up and reinforces the anxiety cycle.

Anxiety is a general feeling of unease, fear or worry to different degrees.

We all experience anxiety, fear, nervousness and worry. Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension or fear often accompanied by an emotional state of impending doom. The cause of this feeling of uneasiness is often not understood which can lead to further anxiety.

Examples when we experience anxiety include driving test, interview, new challenges…



Chronic Anxiety


But for some people anxiety develops into chronic anxiety, an unhealthy habit or response to every day life and challenges. It can become seriously disabling impacting every day life situations.

Chronic anxiety or an anxiety disorder is when the symptoms of anxiety affect your everyday life, your well being. Anxiety and Stress are very similar but the main difference with anxiety and stress is that anxiety continues after the original stressor has gone.

Anxiety can be initially triggered by a stressful event, and the more chronically stressed you are, the more likely your body, mind and emotions can lock in the anxiety cycle. Chronic Anxiety is long term anxiety that affects your long term day to day life.

Anxiety is the main symptom of conditions such as

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorders

Panic Disorders

Social Anxiety Disorders



One of the biggest challenges chronic anxiety sufferer’s have is getting of that constant anxiety cycle, which involves addressing not just the mind, but emotions andphysical body. I have found a multi-faceted approach can really help clients let go of chronic anxiety much faster and more importantly as a more long=term rather than just temporary solution.

The main programĀ  I would always suggest to clients and students is my Free Your Life From Chronic Anxiety

which is packed with a step by step approach to tackle your chronic anxiety and stress it includes a wide range of tools and techniques and lots of extra advice and tips including BONUS webinars, see below. But I also have my 7 Days To Let Go Of Chronic Anxiety And Stress CLICK HEREĀ 






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