Are Your Goals Killing You?

Are Your Goals Killing You?

Is Your Future Dreams or Goals Killing You Or Seriously Affecting Your Mental, Emotional And Or Physical Well-being?

So many dreams and goals can be the biggest motivating force that helps us through difficult situations. But when someone sets out to complete a goal or dream at any cost, it can be an individuals biggest source of stress and major cause of serious health challenges.

Especially when the motivation BEHIND that goal is distorted, unhealthy, for all the wrong reasons.

We can all DREAM of a more magical life but if we cannot live in the moment, enjoy or accept each moment or experience as it comes, we miss the chance to enjoy peace right now just as things are.

Goal Setting can be very helpful to achieve and break down many tasks, career and lifestyle changes but if we constantly focus on the future, believing we will be more happy when…everything will be okay when..I’ll do that when I have this… Sadly in this state, we are constantly living in our head, in potential stories of the future not in the right here, right now, where you need to be with your family, friends and self.

Most goals come from a place of fear and lack, not being enough, not having enough… we think if we get that better job, we will be more happy, more accepting, more loved, more secure, more free, more independent…but often or not when we get that, we realise there is more, more, more…and we need more and more help to fix the stress that comes with that new job, new relationship…

So many clients I see have spent decades on achieving that great job but by the time they get there all sorts of health complications and relationship challenges have been creeping in; exhaustion, stress, depression, anxiety… So are your goals killing you? So many people don’t notice until it is far too late and the damage has been done.

They now spend most of their hard earned cash on fixing, buffering, soothing the demands of their crazy hectic life; housekeeper, babysitter, childminder, fast food deliveries, dog walker, iron service…and not forgetting those extra costs of stress and health, your weekly visit to the osteopath, the counsellor, personal trainer, weight and yoga class…

They soon realise too late they never really wanted that job, the pressure, the time away from their family, they only wanted the freedom they thought that dream or goal would give them. They crave for a much more simpler, peaceful life.

That is why when a client comes to a life, business or stress coaching session the coach should always explore the reasons behind a goal, a dream a lifestyle change. Sadly too many coaches all into old fashioned coaching styles that are aimed at only achieving the goal. More spiritual and holistic based coaching helps clients look at a much wider and deeper perspective.

So next time you are setting or are driven desperately by a dream or goal ask yourself why you really want this goal?

What do you really think this dream or goal is really going to give you? What if it doesn’t?



5 thoughts on “Are Your Goals Killing You?

    1. Definitely Sian- most people are often not aware what triggered that goal or why they wanted something in the first place. And most never revisit their goal to see if it is still serving them.

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