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Why FEAR False Evidence Appears Real Triggers Stress

Why FEAR Triggers Stress Response, the Fight, Flight Or Freeze Response. And why the degree of your stress response matches your level of fear. As someone who has been teaching people how to let go of stress for nearly 20 years. I can tell you the more FEAR you perceive in a situation the higher […]

Mental Health- 6 Daily Habits To Boost Your Mood

Learn How To Improve Your Mental Health With 6 Simple Daily Habits. Dealing with a mental health challenge can be exhausting. It can feel as if the odds are stacked against you. It can feel that no one understands and at times no one really cares. But this is so far from the truth. Most […]

How To Reduce Christmas Day Stress

How Do You Reduce Christmas Day Stress? We all know christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, happiness, generosity and kindness. But sadly christmas and the pre-christmas period for many can be anything but. For some people christmas is a time of despair, for some a time of deep sadness and for many […]

Our less than 5 Minute Meditation

5 Minute Meditation – Our Most Popular Stress Busting Technique. A 5 Minute Meditation Technique that helps you bust anxiety and stress levels in just over 4 minutes. A meditation tool that kids love, teenagers love, busy stressed out executives use every day. When you think of meditation, you may think of meditation as a […]

Powerful Ways To Use Journaling To Reduce Stress – Laura Di Franco

Stress relief is 90% mindset and journaling is a powerful mindset-shaping tool. Here are 5 powerful ways to use journaling to achieve another level of awareness, incorporate a holistic way to relieve stress and gain access to more joy.   During my journey as a healer I quickly realized that if my clients could integrate […]

Recovering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – The Natural Way

 How To Recover From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Trauma – The Natural Way So what is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ? According to PTSDuk “… PTSD is considered to be a psychological injury rather than a mental illness. Neuroanatomical studies have identified changes in major brain structures of those with PTSD — the amygdala and hippocampus […]

Stress Management for KIDS And Teens – Why Children Are So Anxious And Stressed

Stress Management For Kids And Teenagers Why Stress Management For Kids Is Important Today   Sadly anxiety, depression and stress is becoming a rapidly increasing problem for many kids and teenagers today. Chronic stress. We know how much stress management is important for adults, but stress management for kids REALLY? Why Stress Management For Kids […]

Essences For Anxiety, Stress And Sensitivity- Sally Arthurs

Essences For Anxiety, Stress And Sensitivity by Sally Arthurs Advice on natural essences for anxiety, stress and sensitivity by flower remedy and essence practitioner, Sally Arthurs. Modern day living is on some levels empowering and gives us more freedom to pursue our dreams and desires. However a by product is that the fast pace of […]

5 Top Tips For A Debt Free Christmas This Year

Top Tips For A Debt Free Christmas This Year Sadly over the last 50 years Christmas has started to get more crazy than calm and peaceful. As more and more people become seriously anxious and stressed with debt and sadly so far away from a debt free christmas Commercialisation has played a huge part in […]

Learn How To Slow Down, Relax And Have Some ME Time

Do you know how to slow down or relax? Do you know how to seriously switch off? Really RELAX or have some ME TIME? Most people don’t know how to slow down never mind really relax or really switch off. We live in a time that places more importance on what we do or what we own,  […]

Why Chronic Stress Is Serious – Learn How To STOP It

Why Chronic Stress Is Serious Business. We know the STRESS Response is a necessary part of survival. But why has chronic stress became such a big problem? Why is Chronic Stress so harmful to our health and wellbeing? Chronic stress causes the mind, body and emotions to be in a constant state of fear and hyperarousal. […]

6 Ways To Reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder -SAD Winter Depression

6 Ways To REDUCE Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as SAD winter depression SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that is usually more apparent in the winter. It tends to appear as days get shorter and darker. Although the exact reason for this problem hasn’t been completely identified much research suggests low sunlight […]

7 Therapist Tips To STOP Anxiety Attacks

7 Ways To Stop Anxiety Attacks Learn Anxiety Expert Tips How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Without Pharmaceutical Drugs Although panic attacks and anxiety disorders can be extremely frightening and debilitating, there are ways to manage and stop anxiety attacks As someone who has treated many clients for anxiety challenges for nearly 2 decades, I regularly assure […]

The Health Benefits Of Relaxation Therapy

What Are The Health Benefits Of Relaxation Therapy? The Health Benefits of Relaxation Therapy to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia are well recognised by the medical profession. Relaxation Therapy is the safe and therapeutic use of highly effective self-help, mind and body stress management techniques that encourage the body into deep stages of relaxation known […]

7 Ways Therapists Can Teach Clients How To Relax

How To Teach Clients How To Relax There are so many ways therapists can teach their clients how to relax and reduce their stress levels. Therapists no longer just treat the chronic long-term effects of stress. But are now teaching clients simple yet effective ways to manage and reduce their stress. Empowering clients to take […]

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