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5 Top Tips For A Debt Free Christmas This Year

Top Tips For A Debt Free Christmas This Year Sadly over the last 50 years Christmas has started to get more crazy than calm and peaceful. As more and more people become seriously anxious and stressed with debt and sadly so far away from a debt free christmas Commercialisation has played a huge part in […]

Learn How To Slow Down, Relax And Have Some ME Time

Do you know how to slow down or relax? Do you know how to seriously switch off? Really RELAX or have some ME TIME? Most people don’t know how to slow down never mind really relax or really switch off. We live in a time that places more importance on what we do or what we own,  […]

7 Ways Therapists Can Teach Clients How To Relax

How To Teach Clients How To Relax There are so many ways therapists can teach their clients how to relax and reduce their stress levels. Therapists no longer just treat the chronic long-term effects of stress. But are now teaching clients simple yet effective ways to manage and reduce their stress. Empowering clients to take […]

Successful Life Coaching Skills by Spiritual Life Coaches

Some Of The Most Successful Life Coaching Skills Used By Spiritual Life Coaches With such a massive increase in life coaching training schools popping up everywhere and anywhere. We are seeing far more unskilled life coaches trying to pass themselves off as experts who are not using successful life coaching skills. Most of these life […]

Supporting Clients Let Go Of Addiction Challenges

How To Support Clients Let Go Of Addiction Challenges We all have addictive behaviours, but how can we help clients who are suffering to let go of addiction that seriously impacts their day to day life. Original Edition September 17, 2015 Supporting Client Let Go Of Addictive Patterns | Every single one of us has […]

Therapists- Learn How To Empower Clients Towards Self Healing

Therapists How To Empower Clients As a healer or therapist our role is to help empower clients towards their own self-healing and self-realizations.   Healers are not the healer or the fixer we are here as a channel or tool to help empower clients. We are simply here providing the space, the guidance or tools to […]

What Is Your Inner Compass Telling You Today?

Are You Listening To You Inner Compass Or Not? Even the most intuitive person can miss the obvious signs their inner compass is trying to tell them. In a time, when we pay more attention to our monkey mind that feeds of distorted perceptions and information overload. We can easily believe were making intuitive decisions when […]

How To Prioritise Time For The Most Important Things

How To Prioritise Time For The Important Things  Most of us rush through our life with such a sense of urgency, that we fail to prioritise time for the things that really matter As Stephen Covey says “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is […]

Are Your Goals Killing You?- Unhealthy Goal Setting Mistakes

Biggest Most Common Goal Setting Mistakes- Are Your Goals Killing You? So many people are setting themselves up for huge disappointment and stress by setting goals from the wrong mental and emotional state. Dreams and goals can be the biggest motivating force that helps us through difficult situations. But when someone sets out to complete a […]

Why I Stopped Being Just A Healer

My journey as a healer. My passion into holistic healing started at only 19 when I became chronically ill. By 1992 I began studying reiki with the support of Tom McCulloch an amazing healer in Scotland now in his 80’s . Who despite living in the most basic and rural accommodation you can imagine, would be […]

Benefits of Stress Management in the Work Place

Benefits Of Stress Management in the workplace. Sadly Stress is one of the biggest major causes of work related illnesses, according to a study in 2011- 2012 by the Labour Force Study. 40% of work related illnesses was stress related. At this time Nursing, teaching, care, welfare, health and housing services occupations appeared to be […]

5 Ways to Increase your RESILIENCE to STRESS

How to Build a Healthy Resilience to STRESS Life can certainly have it’s challenges, but no matter what happens in your life, whether it’s chronic ill health, bereavement and loss, unemployment, bankruptcy, challenging relationships, demanding teenagers… There are simple yet highly effective life skills that can BUILD YOUR STRESS RESILIENCE. Stress Management skills that will […]

The 1ST STEP to Self Confidence & Self LOVE

YOUR 1st Step towards Self Love & Confidence Nurturing more Self Love & Self Confidence   True Self Confidence is best cultivated when we take the time, to be still and connect with our authentic self, encouraging a deeper acceptance of who we are, at the core. If we want to NURTURE more SELF LOVE, you have to TRULY LOVE & ACCEPT […]

How Children can Teach us how to be Authentic

My 2 1/2 year old nephew Patrick and 20 month old niece Orla, reminded me yesterday, of the true value of being authentic. Orla, the younger of the 2 cousins is a very sociable, confident and happy child. Patrick also a very happy and bright child, has a more gentler funny and playful side, who often demonstrates a […]

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