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Why Hobbies Reduce Stress, Spark Passion And Creativity Into Your Life

Research shows hobbies reduce stress, encouraging a more balanced state of mind, body and emotions. Hobbies also help encourage greater creativity and bring passion back into your life. So although hobbies reduce stress, why are they so undervalued? In modern day life, adults and children are so conditioned by busyness and addicted to modern technology. …

The Most Simple Ways To Meditate

The Most Simple Ways To Meditate Now more than every with the digital age we have access to so many styles of meditation tools and school’s of thought around meditation. But still many people automatically think about guided meditations or associate it with Mindfulness especially MBSR. Even though many types of meditation are hugely beneficial …

STOP and Be In The Moment

Do You Know How To Be In The Moment, How To STOP?

Learn how to really STOP,  how you can be in the moment, whenever and wherever you want.


how to stop and be in the moment


Sadly today, we are so conditioned to focus on the future or dwell on the past we fail to be in the moment. Our mind is off somewhere else not right here, right now. We place so much importance on the future or past, hoping the future will be better and that it will be more, more, more…or we spend so much time worrying that we will make the same mistakes we made in the past, we don’t know how to be in the moment.

We fail to see all the beautiful gifts we have right now in this moment. We avoid the necessary flow of life, the ups and downs, the dark, the light, the great times and not so great times…

Why You Should STOP To Be In The Moment


how to stop and be in the momentWhen we can truly STOP and Be in the Moment, we allow life’s journey to flow, we allow each emotion, experience to arrive and leave. We let go of anxiety and stress, we become lighter, we no longer cling on to the past or rush forward in anticipation for the future.

We are far more balanced, healthier and relaxed, as we don’t resist each situation as it presents itself.

How To Be In The Moment Right Now

 One of the easiest ways to Be In the Moment, is to learn the right type of meditation, the right way.

I began studying meditation approx 25 years and despite studying and practising various types of meditation and teaching meditation professionally to the health, education and charity sector for over 15 years. It hasn’t been until the last 4 years that I truly began to grasp the more deeper reflection of what meditation means. There are so many misunderstandings and myths around meditation.

The act of meditation is not to be mistaken for guided meditation, a guided journey into an illusory place. But a road to the true self, away from the egoic monkey mind into the stillness, the peace where infinity dwells. Meditation helps us access where the true-self passes all distorted perceptions and simply is.

Would you like to be able to STOP and Be In The Moment, experience more peace, more calm no matter what life challenges your journey flows through you. You can start by accessing our Traditional Breath Meditation Course- FREE Today CLICK HERE


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