Letting Go of what you DONT WANT

When we are feeling stuck and are unsure how to move forward, we are often holding on to so much “old stuff”. We are simply clogged up with what we don’t want a mixture of old belief’s, conditioning, trauma and other people’s stuff. To feel more free, so you can resonate at a higher and lighter […]

How To Live A More Simple Stress Free Life

  Does Your Heart Crave For A More Simple Stress-FREE Life? Are you thinking about Downsizing Your Life or Your Commitments? So many people are now leaving the rat race of high pressurised jobs for a more simplistic stress-free life. As more of us realise fast living or that once dream job isn’t what we thought […]

Living with M.E. the Reality the Truth

After reading a few of the usual very mis-leading articles on M.E. published over the last few days, I decided to write my own story to try and highlight the reality of living with M.E. As May 12th is International M.E. Awareness Day. Sadly M.E. has been a huge debate politically and medically for over […]

Life Coaching and Synchronicity

Working with Synchronicity in Life Coaching   Over the last few decades Synchronicity, Cosmic Ordering and Law of Attraction has became a household term. Millions of readers hooked on books, cds and downloads that promise the world, selling the idea that you can have everything you want, particularly financial material wealth and abundance. Interestingly those […]

Where Does Self-Healing Occur- Healing Or Being?

Where Does True Self-Healing Occur? Despite having chronic health challenges from my late teens it has took me a long time to fully understand self-healing. I  began practising reiki and meditation in my early twenties. Training in reiki introduced me to self-healing and helped me enough to move on to other types of holistic support. […]

How Much Are Extra Hours At Work Costing Your Health?

How Much Are Extra Hours At Working Impacting Your Health, Your Life? So many times I see clients so consumed on working extra hours to earn more. That they fail to notice how much extra hours at work is actually costing them emotionally, mentally and physically. Excessive working hours are not just bad for your health but can […]

Managing The Stress Of Christmas Day- Festive Season Stress

Top Tips to Managing Stress Of Christmas Day A few simple strategies that can help you Manage Any Stress Of Christmas day. Christmas can be a time when many of us feel  rushed, overwhelmed and stressed by the pressures we and society put on ourselves. But these simple tips can help you feel more in control […]

How To Find Inner Peace……………

How To Find Inner Peace Many people find it difficult to find inner peace, they are so caught up with their mind, their beliefs and conditioning they are in a constant state of doing rather than being. They are in a constant state of fear; anxious and/or stressed. It doesn’t occur to them you can […]

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