Take the STRESS out of Children’s Bedtimes …

Childrens Bedtimes
Childrens Bedtimes

Kids bedtime can be extremely stressful and tiresome

Tips for Healthier Bedtime Routine

1. Set the same bed time, every night especially on week days.

2. Begin an evening ritual that prepares children physically, mentally, emotionally for bedtime.

3. Eliminate or reduce stimulants such as sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame as early in the day or evening as possible.Check this out

4. Reduce external stimulants such as computer games, mobile games at least 30 minutes preferably at least an hour before bed to encourage their minds to unwind and relax.

5. Prepare the family psychologically for bed by closing the curtains, dimming the lights, reducing the sound on the TV etc. at a specific times well before bed.

6. Think of how you prepare a new born baby for bed, bathe and comfort them, prepare children for a nice cosey night in bed. A few drops of lavender in the bath and/or on a tissue inside the pilow slip can be extremely calming and helpful for a restful nights sleep.

7. Make sure home work, worries and concerns are talked over, earlier in the evening. No one should take their worries to bed with them not even children.

8. Teach your child how to relax, most children are exposed to more external and internal stimulants than ever and need to re-learn how to relax properly just like many parents do or read them a comforting story. There are many Guided Meditations available for Children to encourage a good night sleep. Listen to a Sample of our new Baby Seedling  designed for 1-7 year olds available in mp3 format.

Children's Sleep Meditation

Baby Seedling is a soothing healing meditation to help children drift off into a deep quality sleep. Click to Hear a Free Sample of this Sleep Meditation Track

Wth the soft scottish vocals and healing energy of Stress-Coach , Eileen Burns plus the amazingly  soothing healing energy of transformational healer, David Rabone.


And Heres 10 Top Stress Relieving Tips for Parents


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