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Professional Stress Management Tools For Life Coaches & Therapists


Clients Want A Calm, Confident Coach Or Therapist

Clients Deserve A Calm Confdent Coach Or Therapist

Clients Deserve A Highly Skilled Coach Or Therapist


That Can Help Them Feel Anxiety And Stress Free

You know STRESS and ANXIETY is your clients biggest challenge

You know STRESS and ANXIETY is your biggest challenge

Stress Management Toolkit

is designed for YOU and YOUR Clients



access to over 25 years of skills and expertise by

Meditation Teacher & Stress Management Expert – Eileen Burns


Save thouands of hours on training

Save thousands of pounds on training


Instant Access to  some of the most powerful and simple to use

stress management tools and techniques

Safely and Professionally

Time And Cost Effectively

without compromising your clients health and safety

As a coach, counsellor, healer and therapist for many years

I know how important it is to use the most suitable and safest tools

for your clients.


In this training you will not only learn over 10 techniques or strategies

but the what, when and how


You can be assured my own learning and  training was very extensive and over many years

in-fact many of the modalities I have studied at college and university level.



Your Clients Deserve More

You Deserve More



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