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Free Stress Management Courses

Free stress management courses and resources to help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Provided by Stress Management Expert and Therapist – Eileen Burns.

Free Stress Courses & Downloads

free meditation course for therapists



Free Stress Management Webinars

Free Webinar -How To Become a Relaxation Therapist & Teacher

A great opportunity to change career

or add new skills to your coaching or therapist toolbox

Learn expert stress management, meditation,

mindfulness and relaxation technques

for you, your clients and students



Free EBook For Coaches & Therapists

In 5 Easy Steps Learn How To Authentically Market And Master Your Business

In a way that is perfect for you and your ideal clients with this free ebook

Free marketing book for therapists



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5 Stress Tips To Build Better Stress Resilience with Stress Expert - Eileen Burns


5 foods that increase anxiety, stress and depression- foods that are making you chronically anxious, chronically stressed,
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