Mobile Phone Stress – Say NO To Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Stress – Say NO To Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Stress

Is your MOBILE PHONE running your life?

So much mobile phone stress in children to adults, without most people recognising it.

Although mobile phones are more than a handy invention, they can also be a key stressor. Mobile phone stress seriously affects our day to day well-being, our sanity, our personal, family and work time.

I suggest we say NO to our mobile phone at set times of the day or at least at night.

I was discussing setting boundaries with a support group for parents & carers several years ago. When I pointed out, how we allow mobile phones to seriously invade our personal space and day to day life. Mobile phone stress is more paramount in young people, business owners, and high executives. Instant access and immediate mobile phone answering is very much a normal everyday habit. But a very unhealthy one.

I suggested saying NO to your mobile phone at set times of the day, specifically meal times, after a certain time at night, special occassions even lunch breaks. We all need to switch off even for 5 minutes.

Even if you feel you can’t switch off your phone off for emergency reasons, think about how many calls you take daily, weekly that infringe on your me time, your family quiet, your me time or even worse your sleep time?

Constantly checking your Mobile Phone, including texting can often be a distraction from what is really going on in your life, even an addiction. One of the bigger problems with many mobile devices today is the fact they are Blu Ray. Blu ray digital devices can play havoc with the brain’s hormones and cause various health and sleep related problems.

Why do you feel you have to answer every call or get back to them ASAP?

Mobile phones can seriously invade our personal space …

Mobile phone stress can seriously impact your health…

If we spent less time answering unnecessary calls, text…we would feel more peaceful, have more time, energy & focus on what really matters

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