Learn How To Slow Down, Relax And Have Some ME Time

Do you know how to slow down or relax?

Do you know how to seriously switch off?

Really RELAX or have some ME TIME?

Most people don’t know how to slow down never mind really relax or really switch off. We live in a time that places more importance on what we do or what we own,  rather than being grateful for the wonderful moment to moment experiences. We place most of our focus on trivial distractions like technology, shopping, vanity, power…the ego.

No wonder so many people are so unhappy and so unhealthy.

How much time do you spend in your day doing, rather than simply being?

How much time do you spend planning and goal setting, rather than simply appreciating, even at times accepting?

We all need TIME out from the physical and mental hustle of modern-day pressures.

No matter how much responsibility you have in your job, your caring or parenting duties, we all need to switch off, relax and just be. Our mind, body, and emotions are not designed to be constantly overstimulated most of the day, every day.

So it is more important than ever that you seriously stop and take some time out, take some me time, some necessary time for self-care. If we don’t support the mind, body, and spirit back into balance, we end up either burnt out physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually in a state of dis-ease.

Here is 5 simple things that can help you slow down

  1. STOP Rushing – everyone is always rushing, everything has a sense of urgency. The crazy thing is we often do things more effectively and timely when we slow down.  And ask yourself this, is it really that important? is it really worth the stress? Will it be that important a year from today? A simple way to reduce your rushing is by placing STOP signs everywhere your desk, computer, fridge, car dashboard…then consciously count to 5 as you inhale and exhale.
  2. Take Regular Time Out – make sure you take time out from your working day, from household chores. Even a simple short walk at lunchtime or simply making sure you sit down at tea or lunch breaks encourages the body to slow down.
  3. Switch Off and Unplug make sure you and your family have a curfew when you switch off computers, module devices, online games etc. Digital devices with led and blu ray play havoc with the bodies natural sleep hormones. So make sure you switch off at least 30 minutes before going to sleep and even better have times when mobile devices are not allowed e.g breakfast, dinner, family celebrations, sunday afternoon…
  4. Take Up A Relaxing Hobby take up a relaxing or therapeutic hobby that you love, this is a fun and easy way to help us slow down.
  5. Learn How To Relax Deeply – learn how to relax deeply and effectively, relaxation techniques are extremely powerful, one of the reasons so many therapists and coaches do our Certificated Relaxation Therapist Training
  6. Plan Out Relaxation Time-If taking time out is something you never do, it can seem a bit strange at first. But it gets so much easier when you have a plan. Begin by introducing simple time out strategies to your daily routine, your weekly routine and then at least a few breaks every few months.
  7. Meditation Or Mindfulness– the right type of meditation or mindfulness skills can help us switch off from the doing or thinking state to the being state.

Remember to STOP working through lunch and tea breaks, STOP and take the time out. Slow down, slow and easy wins the race. You will feel so much calmer, stronger, more peaceful and focused. And believe me, you make much better and wiser decisions. When you slow down it is far easier to be guided by your inner wisdom, your intuition.

When we don’t slow down or switch off regularly our mind, body, and emotions simply forget how to switch off. And your body remains in that anxious or stress response the not so pleasant “fight or flight response”

So stop and slow down each day, learn how to JUST BE in the moment, let go of tomorrow’s and the yesterday’s and focus on this moment right now in this day.

If you are a coach or therapist who would love to learn powerful relaxation and stress management skills used by stress experts, Eileen’s Online Relaxation Therapy Training is popular with many coaches and healers

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