Stress Management for KIDS And Teens – Why Children Are So Anxious And Stressed

Stress Management For Kids And Teenagers

Why Stress Management For Kids Is Important Today


Sadly anxiety, depression and stress is becoming a rapidly increasing problem for many kids and teenagers today. Chronic stress. We know how much stress management is important for adults, but stress management for kids REALLY?

Why Stress Management For Kids Is Taken Seriously In Schools

In-fact, stress management for kids is extremely important today, and I will tell you why. Let’s look at what stress is and why stress management for kids is now a large part of child’s education. Why meditation and yoga for kids is becoming a core part of many school’s regular curriculum.

When we think of negative STRESS what we are talking about is the fight or flight response. Our mental, physical and emotional reaction to what we or our body perceives as danger. We are so used to just getting on with every day life or stress. It is easy to forget how busy, noisey and crazy life is in modern day life. It is easy to over look how over stimulated even babies are, never mind children and teenagers. Stress mangement for kids basically teaches your child let go of stress and anxiety in a healthy way. Sadly more and more children are extremely anxious and depressed. Children are supposed to naturally be able to switch off, relax and just be, But today in many situations that is not the case. I have worked with many children who have been seriously depressed and overwhelmed, even at a young age.

Children today are very much over stimulated and over challenged especially mentally and emotionally. They have so much media, peer, family and even school pressure to conform. With so many relationship break ups, children are dealing with the difficult emotional entanglement of parent/ relationship challenges around them. They are often dealing with confusion, grief, loss and at times trauma… So many children struggle to even get a good night’s sleep, so they are facing their day tired and more emotionally fragile,

We may look at modern day technology as amazing and the way even toddlers grasp technology remarkable. But no matter how we look at technology in modern day life, life is very noisey and over stimulating. There is so much information over load and side-effects from techno stress especially electro magnetic frequencies and light emitting devices. That many children are very much high wired and hyper sensitive. No wonder we are seeing more symptoms of sensitivity to the central nervous system. Obviously more challenging for kids who already have sensory challenges and sensitivity issues . Believe me I know as someone who now suffers from extreme noise and light sensitivity. Sensory over load is extremely exhausting.

So stress management for kids is a necessary part of modern day life and despite training in many disciplines of stress management and up to university level. Despite learning many types of healing and therapeutic approaches over a few decades, the most simple but powerful form of stress management. Is teaching your child how to meditate, how to relax, how to switch off. Give your child the right type of meditation and even mindful tools and they have learned something wonderful for life. Meditation is like your child’s best friend it is always there and it can help your child through their greatest challenge. It helps them experience more calm and contentment, it helps them detach from the noise and chaos of modern day living. It helps them let go of stress, be more happy and care free.

I began teaching meditation and stress management and teenagers in schools and projects over 16 years ago. And it was one of my biggest passions. So I recently decided to created some new fun and educational online stress management programs for kids. I have just launched my new fab and fun Kids Meditation And Mindfulness Membership Club aimed at approx 4-8 years. And I will be putting out a Exam Stress Toolkit For Teenagers very soon. And will be launching some new programs for teachers and schools. If you want to learn more about my brand new programs you can learn more at my brand new site

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