What is Relaxation Therapy ?


Relaxation Therapy are techniques that relax both the mind and body.

The most popular forms of relaxation therapy are:

Meditation, Relaxation Techniques & Guided Visualisation.


What is Meditation ?

Meditation is a simple technique used to consciously direct your mind to a point of focus.

So how does Meditation  work ?

Meditation alters  our brain waves from our normal alert conscious state  of Beta to Alpha a relaxed, calm state and with experienced practice to Theta level a deep state of relaxation and mental imagery…. More Here

What is Relaxation Techniques ?

Relaxation Techniques are techniques thant relax the mind and body e.g Progressive muscle Relaxation (P.M.R.) and Autogenic Training.

so How does relaxation techniques Work:

Relaxation Techniques work by relaxing the mind and body, techniques such as autogenic training and PMR relaxes the muscles and in turn helps relax the mind. Assisting the mind  from our normal alert conscious state  of Beta to Alpha a relaxed, calm state where both healing and learning cultivates best.

Some relaxation techniques such as mental imagery in practicse of guided visualisation also known as guided meditation are cultivated in Theta level a deep state of relaxation associated with dreaming and in states of hypnosis. …..More Here

What is Guided Visualisation ?

Guided Visualisation or Guided Imagery is a technique that involves guiding or directing one’s imagination. It is a commonly used tool in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, therapeutic story telling and relaxation therapy. It is also used daily by top professionals particularly in sport psychology, where it is used to help set, achieve and visualise goals. It is also used to help induce relaxation and healing states.    


Guided Imagery/ Guided visualisation works on our conscious and subconscious level through all our senses. On therapeutic level it can be used to access and evoke positive healing memories which transfer into positive emotive feelings. As well as accessing and working with negative memories and feelings. More Here

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