What Is Your Inner Compass Telling You Today?

Are You Listening To You Inner Compass Or Not? Even the most intuitive person can miss the obvious signs their inner compass is trying to tell them. In a time, when we pay more attention to our monkey mind that feeds of distorted perceptions and information overload. We can easily believe were making intuitive decisions when […]

Self Esteem Issues while Living with a Chronic Illness

Self Worth & Self Esteem difficulties are usually more pronounced when Living with a Chronic Health Condition. Self Esteem develops from our sense of worth and value. In fact low self-worth can manifest into dis-harmony & dis-ease which can then develop into more self-worth and self-esteem challenges. I know, I began to have chronic health challenges from the young age of 19. […]

How To Find Inner Peace……………

How To Find Inner Peace Many people find it difficult to find inner peace, they are so caught up with their mind, their beliefs and conditioning they are in a constant state of doing rather than being. They are in a constant state of fear; anxious and/or stressed. It doesn’t occur to them you can […]

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