The 1ST STEP to Self Confidence & Self LOVE

YOUR 1st Step towards Self Love & Confidence Nurturing more Self Love & Self Confidence   True Self Confidence is best cultivated when we take the time, to be still and connect with our authentic self, encouraging a deeper acceptance of who we are, at the core. If we want to NURTURE more SELF LOVE, you have to TRULY LOVE & ACCEPT […]

Self Esteem Issues while Living with a Chronic Illness

Self Worth & Self Esteem difficulties are usually more pronounced when Living with a Chronic Health Condition. Self Esteem develops from our sense of worth and value. In fact low self-worth can manifest into dis-harmony & dis-ease which can then develop into more self-worth and self-esteem challenges. I know, I began to have chronic health challenges from the young age of 19. […]


One of the biggest things that I have always thrived on, is helping others see their NATURAL talents & gifts and supporting them towards using these natural abilities, their gifts to REACH their VISION their DREAM.   My father was a self-made man, who struggled at school, it would appear now he was dyslexic. When […]

Empowerment through Life Coaching

Empowering Clients to take back their Life can be a beautiful thing. The client who regains her self worth after years of low self worth and self esteem in an abusive relationship. The client who changes her thinking after years of negative self thoughts and distorted thinking. Or the client who regains back aspects of […]

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