The Stress Relief When You Accept Who You Are

The stress relief when you accept who you truly are. Resisting who you are is one of the biggest causes of stress for many people. You would be surprised of the immediate stress relief when you totally love or accept yourself. In a society that for far too long focused so much attention on what […]

The 1ST STEP to Self Confidence & Self LOVE

YOUR 1st Step towards Self Love & Confidence Nurturing more Self Love & Self Confidence   True Self Confidence is best cultivated when we take the time, to be still and connect with our authentic self, encouraging a deeper acceptance of who we are, at the core. If we want to NURTURE more SELF LOVE, you have to TRULY LOVE & ACCEPT […]


One of the biggest things that I have always thrived on, is helping others see their NATURAL talents & gifts and supporting them towards using these natural abilities, their gifts to REACH their VISION their DREAM.   My father was a self-made man, who struggled at school, it would appear now he was dyslexic. When […]

Lessons to a New Life in 2014

On January 2nd 2013 a very kind hearted healer, David Rabone, literally appeared at my door, offering a healing session. I didn’t know what to expect, and it was definitely nothing like, what I expected, even though I have worked with energy for over 20 years. But it was very quickly apparent to me that […]

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