Pain Management and Stress Reduction

The Importance of Stress Reduction In Any Pain Management Program Any effective pain management program will highlight the importance of stress reduction and the inclusion of relaxation techniques. Chronic pain can cause chronic stress and chronic stress can be a major cause of chronic pain. Long-term stress is widely known to cause muscle tension, inflammation […]

Why Blu Ray Technology seriously affects SLEEP

Technology that affects Sleep. Studies suggest over 60% of people spend more than 6 hours a day looking at digital devices Other than sugar, caffeine, and drugs the biggest causes of overstimulation and stress today is technology. Especially artificial BLUE RAY exposure. Blue light in its natural state in daylight can improve our sense of […]

The effect of exercise upon mood and sleep

We all know that living right is about achieving the perfect balance between work, rest and play. Our bodies are like finely tuned machines that require just the right blend of activity and peace to ensure that they keep running smoothly and don’t burn out. In light of this, it’s important to realise the powerful […]

Calming Bedtime Tips for Children

Calming Bedtime Tips For Children Sadly more and more children are struggling to relax, switch off and go to bed more calmly. Babies and kids are exposed to so many different types of stimulation. It is not a surprise parents are finding it more and more of a challenge to get children and teenagers to […]

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