Natures Holiday First Aid Kit

Most Holiday First Aid Kit’s are packed full of costly pharmaceutical pills, potions and creams that people never use.


Whilst so many of these products can be replaced with just a few versatile highly effective natural products and remedies, that are free from un-natural toxic, synthetic ingredients.

Here are a few of carefully selected natural products that you can also use at home, safely and effectively. Highly versatile products that will take up very little room in your case or holdall.


Lavender Pure Essential Oil– is an extremely versatile ingredient, although pure essential oils should always usually be diluted, lavender can be applied directly on the skin to alleviate any burn. It can be applied to bumps, bruises, bites, stings as well as being helpful for teething and to reduce temperature. for soothing tantrums and reduce sleep problems. A small 10ml bottle is highly concentrated and goes a very long way so takes up very little room in a case and a backpack.

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil is another extremely versatile essential oil. Tea Tree has powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, ant-fungal components which has been highly reputed as being a must in the first aid kit of the Australian army. It is particularly useful in the aid and treatment of fungal infections such as athletes foot, candida, thrush. Useful to clean wounds and infections, as well as spots, rashes, dandruff, it is often used as a lice repellent and I the treatment of bites. It can be used as a powerful cleaning ingredient, simply add to water to wipe down surfaces or utensils. Again a 10ml bottle is highly concentrated, so takes up such a tiny space in a backpack or case.

Travel Remedy – this discrete 9ml aromaball can be put in a pocket or handbag and used for anxiety, stress, fatigue and jet lag made with calming and anxiety reducing ingredients that will uplift you, to cope with the stress, strain of travelling.

Suncare– a necessity for any summer sun holiday. But did you know you no longer need to put highly toxic ingredients on your skin. NYROrganics offer a fantastic natural suncare range; sun lotion spf 15 to spf 50 with a soothing chamomile & aloe vera after sun lotion, to maintain healthy skin and golden long lasting tan. Want to help keep those insects away from your skin there is the Citronella Formula

Natural Deodorant– our bodies are supposed to breathe, especially in the warm sun. The natural ingredients in these natural spray deodorants help kill off bacteria without blocking your pores or sweat glands with parabens or metals.

Arnica- is a must if going on an activity or sporty holiday or if you have a child or even adult that tends to end up with a lot of bumps and bruises, Arnica is a very useful treatment for soothing bruising, the cream draws the bruising out and encourages healthier, quicker healing.

Echinacea- is great at boosting he immune system, this tincture is extremely useful for those more likely to catch the latest flu or virus.

Eucalyptus Pastilles– a travel aid or sore throats or the elderberry and propolis throat spray for infected/sore throat/coughs.


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