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Want to experience more calm than chaos?

Want to experience more peace than problems?

Want more space to breath and be yourself?



STOP struggling STOP suffering STOP stressing

Have more time and space for what matters

Have the time and space to be yourself

Start living more natural, connected and authentic life


I am Eileen Burns, a Stress Expert, Healer & Therapist who began studying holistic well-being 25 years ago. I teach coaches, healers and therapists professional stress management skills so they become more calm confident coaches and therapists.

I also help coaches, healers and therapists shine their magic,  market their greatest gifts through Business Spirit. My spiritual marketing business.

Learn how to manage and let go of your own stress

Learn how to teach your clients and students to let go of their stress.

Learn powerful meditation, relaxation and stress management skills

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starts mon 26th March 8pm UK Time- first week is FREE


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