Top Tips How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

Sick and tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and irritable through lack of sleep learn naturally. how to treat insomnia.

99% of insomnia symptoms are actually caused by over-stimulation; stress and or anxiety.

Chronic insomnia if not treated is said to contribute to an array of medical challenges and diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Insomnia is sadly something most of us experience at some time



99% of insomnia symptoms are actually caused by over-stimulation; stress and or anxiety.

So reducing your stress and learning to relax should be the most important changes you should be making in your life.But fortunately, there is various approaches and some great natural remedies that can assist you through those nightmare nights, when you just need to get some rest.
treat insomnia naturally

 1. Start learning to relax and switch off, most sleep problems are caused by over stimulation; anxiety and stress. Muscle Relaxation Techniques and guided meditations used together are one of the most powerful ways to encourage the body and mind off the stress, worry or anxiety state. Check out my Sleep Therapy program which includes all the tips and techniques you need to eliminate Insomnia

2. Create A Healthier Bedtime Routine– encourage a healthier bedtime hygiene for the whole family. Most people do the most unrelaxing activities just before bed. Choosing to watch tv, use computer, smoke, drink and eat up to a few minutes before bedtime. All things that affect their ability to fall off to sleep and to remain in a deep quality restful sleep.
3. Get a Good Quality Bed –  it is crazy we spend more time in our beds than anywhere else but we invest more money in a few months in a car than we do in the lifetime of a bed. A new comfortable bed you will sleep deeply in is worth its weight in gold. According to sleep council “…an alarming four out of five people complain of disturbed or inadequate – or ‘toxic’ – sleep(Sleep Council ‘Toxic Sleep’ survey, January 2011)”
4. Aromatherapy for Sleep– Aromatherapy and essential oils are a very popular alternative to sleep medication. Specific essential oils can help treat insomnia; some are sedating, calming, soothing. You simply add them to your bath or dilute them into a massage oil to help you achieve a deep quality sleep. Here are some essential oils used to naturally treat insomnia.
Vetivert is too me  is one of the most sedating and extremely useful essential oils to use with those who are suffering chronic long-term sleep problems, insomnia. But used too much on its own it can increase drowsiness. But NYROrganics have solved this with a lovely Night Time Blend, of lavender, vetivert, rose, bergamot designed to help you drift off into a deep sleep.
Frankincense is a deeply relaxing, meditating oil that can aid sleep. It is extremely earthy, grounding with a balsamic scent. It has amazing skincare, rejuvenating and preserving qualities too, so gives a boost when applied to skin. I love the smell of frankincense pure essential oil and find it deeply relaxing and soothing, it helps induce more inner peace.
Lavender is an extremely popular oil and widely used essential oil in sleep products for most people it is relaxing but for some it is more a clarifier,  I have always found lavender is more effective on clients when used with another essential oil such as Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Vetivert or Clarysage to help with sleep challenges. But lavender is a great all rounder for any holiday or home first aid kit, it one of the most cost-effective products that can be used for many ailments, burns, bites, bruises, temperatures…and great for kids.
Clary sage can also be useful for sleep but its more often used for those with hormonal issues, pms, pmt, menopause, it can also curb addictions. Clary sage  essential oil has a pungent smell but can really be helpful for pain relief especially cramps and msucular tension etc Again can be mixed with lavender.
Night Time Remedy Aromaball a soothing scent of essential oils blended to help you sleep; Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli, Rose …that can be applied easily to the temples, wrists, neck discretely and easily. Ideal to fit in pocket or handbag easily.
5. Herbal Teas for Sleep– Ingesting herbal teas that contain sedating and calming properties is an easy way to replace late night caffeinated, sugar or artificial drinks that can stimulate the body over half the night. These herbal teas are specifically designed to help you relax, unwind and sleep deeply.
Organic Nighttime Tea is designed to help relax your mind, body and spirit encouraging a restful sleep. It contains a range of sleep inducing herbs that can help treat insomnia naturally; such as valerian and chamomile that are also reputed as a nerve tonic. Ingredients: Passion flower leaf*, Hawthorn flower*, Lime flower*, Valerian root*, Chamomile flower*. *Organically produced ingredient. Made with 100% organic ingredients. This is a totally vegan product.
Organic Calming Tea is designed to help you relax, calm down and unwind through the day. Insomnia and Sleep difficulties are mostly caused by anxiety and stress throughout the day. It is important in any Sleep Advice Program that the clients learns how to relax and switch off throughout the day, just not at night before bed. Ingredients: Lime flower*, Lemon balm*, Chamomile flower*, Passion flower leaf*, Skullcap*, Pink rose petal*.*Organically produced ingredient. Made with 100% organic ingredients. This is a vegan product
6. Body Clock’s – Body clocks encourage healthier more natural and healthier circadian patterns. With so many led devices that affect our sleep patterns and melatonin, this is extremely helpful for extreme insomnia
Lumie BodyClock Iris 500 is designed to encourage healthier sleep patterns, more energy, recreates sunset and sunrise to help you drift off naturally and wake up gently.With two aromatherapy chambers, alarm clock, reading and nightlight options.
Learn to eliminate the causes of poor sleep patterns with this highly effective sleep therapy program designed for insomnia sufferers. It is packed with useful tips including sleep therapy- relaxation techniques used to treat insomnia naturally and easily. Easy access onlineA 24 hours a day for 60 days

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STOP and Be In The Moment

Do You Know How To Be In The Moment, How To STOP?

How to really STOP,  how to be totally present in each moment, whenever and wherever you want?

Sadly today, we are so conditioned to focus on the future or dwell on the past, we are anywhere but in the moment. Our mind, our thoughts are often somewhere else. Anywhere but right here, right now. That is why we are so anxious and stressed.

We place so much importance on the future hoping the future will be better and that it will be more, more, more…or spend so much time worrying about our perceived mistakes in the past, we have one foot in the future, another in past. We don’t know how to be in the moment.

We fail to see all the beautiful gifts we are presented with right now. As we do anything to avoid the natural and necessary flow of life, the ups and downs, the dark, the light, the great times and not so great times….

We stuff down or fight with what we don’t want to face or experience. And we fail to fully embrace the magic and power of now.

how to stop and be in the moment

Why You Should STOP To Be In The Moment

When we can truly STOP and Be in the Moment, we allow life’s journey to flow, we allow each emotion, experience to arrive and leave. We let go of anxiety and stress, we become lighter, we no longer cling on to the past or rush forward in anticipation for the future. We are far more balanced, healthier and relaxed, as we don’t resist or fight with each situation as it presents itself.

How To Be In The Moment Right Now

 1. One of the easiest ways to Be In the Moment is to begin by learning how to meditate. The right style of meditation taught the right way can make a huge difference. Use more traditional forms of meditation than guided and when choosing a teacher. It is often wiser to choose someone who has been studying and practising meditation for many years.

2. Start making meditation part of your daily practise, set times in your day for proper meditation. First thing in the morning is always the most effective and if you can early evening, not too late.

3. Use meditation to cultivate a deeper connection with the self, that aspect of you or state of presence that never changes. Look at as something you need to develop and grow like a relationship. This is not just a space you go looking for answers. This is your safe space or haven that takes you away from the egoic monkey mind that play’s games with us on a daily basis, some respect it value it.

4. Use your meditation practice to cultivate more daily awareness. Learn to be the observor, the witness to your every day thoughts and actions rather than the puppet or participant to the stories you tell yourself.

5. Learn to flow with life not against it by making meditation a moment to moment practise. Once you learn how to be in a state of meditation, a state of being, it is much easier to apply it to a moment to moment state of being.

I began studying meditation over 25 years and despite studying and practising various types of meditation and teaching meditation professionally to the health, education and charity sector for over 15 years. It hasn’t been until later years that I truly began to grasp the more deeper reflection of what meditation means. There are so many misunderstandings and myths around meditation.

The act of meditation is not to be mistaken for guided meditation, where you are entering a guided journey into an illusory place. But a road to the true self, away from the egoic monkey mind into the stillness, the peace where infinity dwells. Meditation helps us access where the true-self passes all distorted perceptions and simply is.

Would you like to be able to STOP and Be In The Moment, experience more peace, more calm no matter what life challenges your journey flows through you. You can start by accessing our Traditional Breath Meditation Course- FREE Today CLICK HERE

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