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Stress Coach Training

Learn How To Slow Down, Relax And Have Some ME Time

Do you know how to slow down or relax? Do you know how to seriously switch off? Really RELAX or have some ME TIME? Most people don’t know how to slow down never mind really relax or really switch off. We live in a time that places more importance on what we do or what we own,  […]

Why Chronic Stress Is Serious – Learn How To STOP It

Why Chronic Stress Is Serious Business. We know the STRESS Response is a necessary part of survival. But why has chronic stress became such a big problem? Why is Chronic Stress so harmful to our health and wellbeing? Chronic stress causes the mind, body and emotions to be in a constant state of fear and hyperarousal. […]

6 Ways To Reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder -SAD Winter Depression

6 Ways To REDUCE Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as SAD winter depression SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that is usually more apparent in the winter. It tends to appear as days get shorter and darker. Although the exact reason for this problem hasn’t been completely identified much research suggests low sunlight […]

7 Therapist Tips To STOP Anxiety Attacks

7 Ways To Stop Anxiety Attacks Learn Anxiety Expert Tips How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Without Pharmaceutical Drugs Although panic attacks and anxiety disorders can be extremely frightening and debilitating, there are ways to manage and stop anxiety attacks As someone who has treated many clients for anxiety challenges for nearly 2 decades, I regularly assure […]

The Health Benefits Of Relaxation Therapy

What Are The Health Benefits Of Relaxation Therapy? The Health Benefits of Relaxation Therapy to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia are well recognised by the medical profession. Relaxation Therapy is the safe and therapeutic use of highly effective self-help, mind and body stress management techniques that encourage the body into deep stages of relaxation known […]

7 Ways Therapists Can Teach Clients How To Relax

How To Teach Clients How To Relax There are so many ways therapists can teach their clients how to relax and reduce their stress levels. Therapists no longer just treat the chronic long-term effects of stress. But are now teaching clients simple yet effective ways to manage and reduce their stress. Empowering clients to take […]

Successful Life Coaching Skills by Spiritual Life Coaches

Some Of The Most Successful Life Coaching Skills Used By Spiritual Life Coaches With such a massive increase in life coaching training schools popping up everywhere and anywhere. We are seeing far more unskilled life coaches trying to pass themselves off as experts who are not using successful life coaching skills. Most of these life […]

Top Tips How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

How To Treat Insomnia Naturally Sick and tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and irritable through lack of sleep learn naturally. how to treat insomnia. 99% of insomnia symptoms are actually caused by over-stimulation; stress and or anxiety. Chronic insomnia if not treated is said to contribute to an array of medical challenges and diseases such as […]

Supporting Clients Let Go Of Addiction Challenges

How To Support Clients Let Go Of Addiction Challenges We all have addictive behaviours, but how can we help clients who are suffering to let go of addiction that seriously impacts their day to day life. Original Edition September 17, 2015 Supporting Client Let Go Of Addictive Patterns | Every single one of us has […]

Why Hobbies Reduce Stress, Spark Passion And Creativity Into Your Life

Research shows hobbies reduce stress, encouraging a more balanced state of mind, body, and emotions. Hobbies also help encourage greater creativity and bring passion back into your life. So although hobbies reduce stress, why are they so undervalued? In modern day life, adults and children are so conditioned by busyness and addicted to modern technology. […]

The Most Simple Ways To Meditate

The Most Simple Ways To Meditate What is the most simple ways to meditate. Now more than ever we have easy access to many ways to meditate. Instant access to so many different styles of meditation and school’s of thought.  But still I meet so many students who think meditation is about guided meditations or […]

Therapists- Learn How To Empower Clients Towards Self Healing

Therapists How To Empower Clients As a healer or therapist our role is to help empower clients towards their own self-healing and self-realizations.   Healers are not the healer or the fixer we are here as a channel or tool to help empower clients. We are simply here providing the space, the guidance or tools to […]

What Is Your Inner Compass Telling You Today?

Are You Listening To You Inner Compass Or Not? Even the most intuitive person can miss the obvious signs their inner compass is trying to tell them. In a time, when we pay more attention to our monkey mind that feeds of distorted perceptions and information overload. We can easily believe were making intuitive decisions when […]

How To Prioritise Time For The Most Important Things

How To Prioritise Time For The Important Things  Most of us rush through our life with such a sense of urgency, that we fail to prioritise time for the things that really matter As Stephen Covey says “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is […]

STOP and Be In The Moment

Do You Know How To Be In The Moment, How To STOP? How to really STOP,  how to be totally present in each moment, whenever and wherever you want? Sadly today, we are so conditioned to focus on the future or dwell on the past, we are anywhere but in the moment. Our mind, our […]

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