Why TEACHING rather than TREATING can be better

As Therapist, Healers we have a deep want to help our clients in whatever way we can.

healer teacher

We would love to take away our client’s pain and suffering but this isn’t always possible or even the right or most effective type of therapy or treatment. Many clients are at the source of their own pain OVER AND OVER again and cannot see it, especially if they are not really aware, can’t face it, accept it or believe it. It doesn’t matter if the source of their challenges is mental, physical, emotional or even spiritual. We have to give back the responsibility to the client especially if your ego gets in the way in whatever shape or form, if you are a wounded healer, a fixer, carer, nurturer…

That is why although healing specifically reiki was in many ways the first therapy that I seriously got my teeth into 24 years ago. I quickly started to realise more and more over the years that healing disciplines were just one part of the healing jigsaw, true deep healing came from more inner workings of our self, and to give clients or students the awareness or access to these skills would help them on the road to self healing, empowerment and enoughness.

Why give a poor man a fish when you can give him a fishing rod?

No matter what sort of healer or therapist you are, you can TEACH and EMPOWER clients in each session by giving them back their power. The most powerful healing masters will guide and support the client or student to help them understand that they are their own healer, that they are not god, their fixer, the healer, nor master but someone sharing the path with them along the way. You are simply a guide towards healthier choices and deeper understanding of what they need to change.

This is the reason I love to TEACH, empower and help clients to take up, self responsibility in whatever shape or form that may come in. And lucky for me I have been able to teach the most highly effective techniques to do that.

As a highly experienced meditation teacher to all ages I have came to witness and understand how much simple highly effective meditation techniques when applied moment to moment can have dramatic impacts in people’s happiness, health, well-being ad general peace of mind.

I see how the education and teaching of various stress management and relaxation techniques can help one start to be at one with their own body. It is surprising how many people have no body awareness, they are so shut off from their physical bod, they spend most of their time locked in the chaos of the disillusioned mental body. How remarkably better they feel after becoming more grounded, relaxed, peaceful by a spiritual master, no a highly effective relaxation teacher 🙂

  • Elsi

    Yes! Great article, that is so important.
    You teach people something, but are not their fixer.

    • Eileen Burns

      Thank you Elsi, I appreciate your comment. We are not there to fix our clients. 🙂