Why Relaxation Techniques Can Reduce Pain

Relaxation Techniques Can Reduce Pain because they can help lower muscle tension, pressure, and inflammation on the muscles and joints. That is why relaxation therapy techniques are often taught in pain management programs. Why A Relaxation Teacher And Therapist Can Help Clients Reduce Pain A Qualified Relaxation Therapist can not only use their relaxation skills […]

Career As A Relaxation Therapist

Creating A Career As A Relaxation Therapist & Relaxation Teacher. Despite being a highly qualified coach, healer, therapist and stress advisor. I spent most of 18 years in stress management working as a relaxation therapist and teacher. Teaching a wide range of meditation, relaxation, anxiety and stress busting tools and techniques.  I got to feel […]

What are the Benefits of Relaxation Therapy For Anxiety and Stress?

Relaxation Therapy for anxiety and stress. Relaxation therapy includes a variety of breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques used to reduce chronic stress, anxiety and sleep problems. The safe and therapeutic use of highly effective mind and body management techniques that supports the body off the “stress response” into deep stages of the relaxation known as the “relaxation […]

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