Special Offers on Anxiety Busting and Stress Management Courses by Stress Coach Training.


This week we have a variety of special discounts on our anxiety and stress busting courses suitable for the whole family.

If you are struggling with overwhelm over the current COVID 19 crisis we have our Free 5 Days of Calm or Quiet Time For Families

If you are extremely anxious, stressed or suffering from PTSD our 5 Minute Anxiety Busting Meditation is ideal.


We have a variety of payment plan offers on our Relaxation Therapist Training: our 6 month payment plan  and 9- Month Payment Plan

On a personal level it has given me the insight and techniques to create more calm in my own life.

On a professional level, as a children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher, I have a more thorough understanding of the problems children and their teachers face and how best to support them. and be more authentic in my own work.

I would recommend this course to any coaches, healers or therapists who are looking to expand their knowledge and support their clients on a
deeper level.”

Claire Rice

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Heart Space 4 Kids

“I have really enjoyed the relaxation therapist training and have learnt a huge amount from it. The course has introduced me to all sorts of relaxation methods that I can now offer to my clients. It has really helped me think about how I can support them in making simple but effective changes to help them manage some of the everyday challenges that cause them stress.

I would recommend the course to any therapist who works with stressed-out clients as it shows us there are loads of ways they (and we!) can build in quick but effective relaxation techniques into normal daily routines.”

Anna Stone

Owner & Therapist, Calme Therapies

I  have found Eileen Burns Relaxtion Therapy course to be hugely informative and beneficial both in my life and for my understanding of the concept of stress management.

The entire course is framed around the idea of moving people from the stress response to the relaxation response and the modules flow from an introduction to meditation and relaxation techniques to details for setting the scene and managing your own business.

Learning is done in a variety of ways from an online self learning platform to live webinars and include access to an interactive Facebook group.

Each module has a mix of video, text and audio content and there are regular tests to ensure you have retained the information. The different methods of delivery ensure the information sinks in without being too repetitive.

M. L

Relaxation Therapist Student

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