How to Build a Healthy Stress Resilience. How to manage life’s drama’s and stressors with more ease. Life can certainly throw us a lot of curve balls, a lot of unexpected challenges. But as we know it’s not what happens to us, but how we deal with it that matters. So whether your dealing with bereavement, loss, chronic ill health, unemployment, bankruptcy, challenging relationships… Learn what you can do to cushion yourself from the impact of unexpected and extreme life stressors.

What Stress Resilience Taught Me

Like most people I never used to be able to deal with stress very well. As a highly sensitive empath I often spent most of my energy on other people’s pain and drama. So I was a highly anxious and stress child and teenager. But like many of us I learned the hard way. My life lessons would be through a wide range and chronic health conditions that started at a young age. Complex issues that led to complete burn-out most of my twenties. So much so I spent a large part of that time housebound and bedtime.

My life story has not been the easiest especially around my health. A rare condition from a child, mercury poisoned at 19.  Then threatened eye loss in  in my 20’s, life threatening sepsis in my 40’s. Then extreme noise sensitivity that triggers seizures along with fine motor skill isues. I am presently housebound but I thank god I have been studying stress management for a few decades.

I am mentally incredibly resilient to this and so many other health and neurological challenges I have faced. Challenges that main stream healthcare has never been able to support me with. Despite all of this my training in stress management has helped me to be incredibly resilient. That is why I say it is never what happens to us, it is how we deal with it.

Simple Effective Ways To Build Your Stress Resilience

You can be much more stress resilient with the right approach. Here is some simple and easy Stress Management skills.  Stress tools that will give you more resilience and strength to cope with whatever life throws at you.

1. BE IN THE MOMENT: One of the most powerful skills you can learn is to be fully in the present moment. Not worrying about what has happened or what may happ. Not being truly in the moment depletes you of your vital energy and power, your inner peace and guidance. When we are in the moment we are in a stronger place of acceptance with that moment. We are not resisting or battling with what is happening. And neither are we lying down to the situation. We are actually coming from a place of wisdom, that can guide us towards our next step.

2. EAT HEALTHILY: Adequate nutrition, helps us sustain extra demands on our mind, body, emotions & spirit. No matter how busy or hectic things are don’t be tempted just to grab or buy fast unhealthy food.  Get in the habit of carrying a raw healthy snack with a bottle of water with you for every day emergencies. Dehydration adds pressure to the bodies equilibrium so adequate hydration is vital for optimum health. Your mind and body will have much more tenacity when you drink plenty of fresh clean water.

3. LEARN TO SWITCH OFF: Relaxation & dis-engaging from constant demands is vital to encourage the body off the stress response. So learn to meditate and learn to relax effectively. Try our amazing Less than 5 MINUTE MEDITATION or Relaxation Techniques. You will experience much more peace, feel so much stronger emotionally, physically and mentally.

4. GET ADEQUATE SLEEP: Focus on getting enough deep quality sleep as possible. Sleep repairs our body, it builds up our daily resilience to every day challenges. When we wake up refreshed we feel more calm and clear  headed, ready to make stronger and positive solutions.

5. DELEGATE: Learn the art of delegation and ask for extra support when needed. It doesn’t matter where you get that help, whether its family, friends, support services, no man is an island. W all need some extra help, care and compassion at times. Start by delegating what is vital and what is not. Your first focus should only be on your top priorities. Learn it’s a waste of time and energy, sweating over the small stuff.

Eileen has been teaching powerful stress management skills to all ages and sectors for over 18 years. She now provides powerful Online Training Courses for Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Professional Organisations including her Accredited Relaxation Therapist Training Courses and Spiritual Marketing Programs for Therapists and Coaches.

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