Being Still, Do you know how to JUST BE ?

being still with meditation

Be in the Moment, be still in present awareness? Here in the west, we are so focused and invested in doing and having. That most people don’t know where to begin in being still. They find it difficult to JUST BE in the moment.

A huge reason why more and more people are starting to meditate and learn MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Although MBSR Programs help a lot of people. I believe with the right type of meditation training you can learn not only how to just be. But the art of being still, can become a regular thing you just naturally do whenever you want to.

Meditation Tools That Help You Be Still

I use a variety of meditation tools and techniques in my teachings. MY most popular technique over the last 20 years with clients and students is my 5 Minute Meditation. Which actually takes just over 4 minutes,  a fabulous anxiety and stress busting meditation. Which is perfect for people with very busy active minds.

Another very effective at helping clients access stillness is Quantum Entrainment something I studied through Frank Kinslow Training. Now QE isn’t exactly classed as a meditation technique but it is a tool that when used effectively can help relieve pain, help you access stillness and so much more.

Being still starts with getting out of our own way. By stopping trying, doing and just being. Babies naturally know how to just be, they naturally take in their surroundings and are fully in the moment. It is the egoic mind, fear and uhealthy conditioning that traps us distracting future or past ruminating thoughts.

Being Still In Your Every Day Life

Despite being a meditation teacher who has studied  a wide range of stress management, meditation and relaxation techniques for over 25 years. I only came to truly value the true meaning of just being and stillness in my latter years. I feel extremely fortunate that I can access that deepest stillness whenever I want. Oh believe me sometimes I get caught up in the drama of my thoughts like everyone else. But it is so much easier for me to recover and disengage from those thoughts, those stories when you have the tools.

Students are very surprised at the tremendous benefits they begin to experience when begin to access that deeper stillness. When the learn the art of being still. Just being helps us move from that place of control and resistance to a place of allowing and letting go.

Most adults and even teenagers today are so stressed out, they have physiologically and mentally forgotten how to relax, even sleep properly, never mind be still. Even the thought of switching off, can stress some some people out. But learning how to be still or just be doesn’t have to be difficult or a huge challenge. My 28 Days of Meditation, Mindfulness and Affirmation is one of the most effective programs that will give you access to a wide range of meditation techniques. But I also have a Free 5 Day Meditation Course that will teach you the most important basics of meditation at The Meditation Library.

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