National Stress Awareness Day UK  is a blunt reminder that sadly STRESS is one of our biggest killers. Stress is believed to be thee major cause of dis-ease and unhappiness.

The increased levels of chronic STRESS and over stimulation is a huge problem in society. Especially as Stress at Work is now one of the biggest causes of absenteeism in the workplace.

National Stress Awareness Day is there to raise awareness on why Stress is a very serious problem.  And is about educating the massives on some of the simple things you can do in your day to day life to reduce that. stress The seriousness of stress is too often neglected and misunderstood. But with rises in burn-out, mental and emotional health issues the evidence of how stress is affecting the modern western world is staring us in the face.

But as someone who has studied different forms of stress management for over 25 years. I am too aware that stress is something many people try to deny or believe they just have to live with. Until their health challenges become so serious or chronic they have to do something about it.

stress awareness day uk

Stress at Work
“All employers have legal responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to ensure the health safety and welfare at work of their employees. This includes minimising the risk of stress-related illness or injury to employees. “

But many business particularly small businesses don’t always recognise the symptoms or see the knock on affects. According to a survey by Labour Force in 2018/19, 602,000 employees in UK suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety.  And 12.8 million days are lost because of work-related stress, anxiety or depression.

Good Stress Management Awareness demonstrates a company that cares and puts their employees health and wellbeing first. There is a wide range of support or simple changes that can be made at work to help reduce stress at work. Even for smaller companies who can’t afford to out service certain services. With an increase in online stress management training, you can now train staff more cost-effectively.

Clear Company Policies
Transparent policies on stress at work, can give staff a sense of comfort and trust that they know it is taken seriously and they can ask for help in confidence, with discretion and without stigma.

Clear Company Advice & Support
A stress aware HR Manager will have the necessary understanding, resources, contacts, support and services to support the employee. For staff off with Stress from Work. Stress Counselling, Stress Management Training can not only empower the employee with the necessary skills to manage their stress more effectively. But can be a great incentive to encourage staff members to back to work in a phased return.

Staff Stress Awareness Training
General staff stress awareness highlights the symptoms, causes and triggers of stress. It supports healthier communication, less isolation, anxiety and fear, it encourages better team building, less bullying or poor management, more positive working environment which leads to healthier productivity.

If you are SUFFERING Stress at Work or in any other area of your life, seek the professional advice you require. We all suffer from STRESS and sometimes in life it can get a bit too much. There is a wide range of Stress Management Programs, Courses & Therapy Sessions available to help you manage your stress more effectively.