Relaxation Therapist Course

Become an Accredited Relaxation Therapist

with Stress Coach Training School

What if you could Teach STRESSED out clients Powerful Meditation & Relaxation skills?

  • Become an Accredited Relaxation Therapist

  • Teach Powerful Stress Management Skills

  • Increase your Potential Clients & Income

Level 1- Introduction to Relaxation Therapy for Self Use

Course Topics : STRESS RESPONSE, RELAXED RESPONSE, Contraindications, Therapeutic and Safety Guidelines, BREATHING Techniques, POWERFUL Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, SLEEP Hygiene..

Level 2- Become a Relaxation Therapist

Course Topics: Professional Ethics, Guidelines Being a Therapist, Safety Guidelines,HAP & SMA.,Adv Meditation  & Relaxation Techniques, Guided Visualisation & Creative Visualisation, Music for Relaxation, Setting the Scene. Sleep Therapy

Each level min 30-35 hours home study/practice. For full Accreditation you must submit assignments and assessments, pass and re-submit any re-asssessments within 6 month period.

Full Accreditation by IPHM, course and training by Stress Coach Training School.

Eileen Burns, owner and main trainr of Stress Coach Training School has been studying stress management, meditation and healing for over 20 years.  About Eileen

RRP £500 Level 1 & 2 


until 30th August 2016

This Online Training Course is a 2 Level Self Study Program which includes with each level an Online Live Training Session

with Stress Management Expert, Eileen Burns. You will receive as part of the course mp3 and pdf downloads + other online materials.

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