9 Tips to Alleviate Stress at Work

Stressed at Work ?Stress at Work

is one of the biggest causes of absenteeism in the workplace. In-fact according to the the Labour Force Survey, 40% of work related illnesses in 2011/2012 was stress related.

Whether the main source is poor Management Skills, Bullying, Poor Staff Morale, Unrealistic Demands or Pressures. Stress at work, often costs businesses and the employee a large loss in earnings and increased health risk.

So if your feeling STRESSED AT WORK here is some valuable tips to Alleviate Occupational Stress from the Stress-Coach

1. Don’t hide your Head in the Sand. Take Action, avoidance, denial or suppression leads to more anxiety and chronic stress. So face the presenting challenge.

2. It’s GOOD to TALK ! Communicate your feelings, your concerns to a loved one or a professional. This can help as a release and help you get another angle on the presenting difficulties.

3. Seek Advice, if your not sure how to handle the presenting STRESSOR, seek advice.  Go to someone more experienced, qualified or professional. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. There is many FREE SUPPORT services available if management are not supportive.

4. BOOST STAFF MORALE,  focus on what you and your colleagues CAN DO, not on WHAT YOU CAN’T. Empower yourself and others by seeing present achievements, positives and strengths.

5. CUSHION yourself from the impact of Work STRESS, make sure you take BREAKS, if possible get out or away from desk at lunch time. Do everything you can to make your day & environment as comfortable as you can.

6. HUMOUR, a sense of humour, a laugh with a fellow colleague can really lighten the load, and BOOST HAPPY Hormones, helping alleviate STRESS HORMONES. A sense of HUMOUR can be the biggest RESOURCE in the most serious of jobs. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

8. Suggest STRESS MANAGEMENT awareness training and Stress Coaching/ Counselling to help increase staff awareness, understanding and skills to help support colleagues and minimise unnecessary stress.

9. Learn to RELAX, MEDITATION is a simple effective way to RELAX our mind and body. Our simple less than 5 Minute Meditation is ideal for the office, or learn powerful but simple techniques in our Online Meditation Class

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Hi I am Eileen Burns, stress-coach. I have been studying holistic welbeing, stress management, healing and meditation for over 20 years.I teach powerful meditation and life skills to help clients manage their stress, their life, their anxiety and health challenges.

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