Anxiety and Stress Coaching

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Meditation Sessions

Meditation Sessions

Relaxation Therapy

Therapist Training


Become a Relaxation Therapist

Relaxation Therapist Training for Professional Therapists, Counsellors and Support Organisations

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Sessions and Workshops for Healthier Living and Thinking

Meditation Programmes

Meditation Classes, Sessions and Training for all ages including Kids and Teenagers

Stress Coaching

Online Stress Coaching and Anxiety Coaching Sessions a combination of Stress Managament, Coaching, CBT & Therapy

Stress Management Training

Bespoke In-House Stress Management Training for your Organisation

Professional Experience

Stress Coach originally trading under the name The World of Health has been an established professional business for over 15 years.

Owner and Main Facilitator & Coach, Eileen Burns, a Full ISMA member is a highly professional stress management expert, meditation teacher and therapist. She has been teaching Stress Management disciplines to local education, health and charity sector including NLC & NHS for over 13 years. She has a wide range of extensive qualifications in various stress management and holistic well being including Advanced Stress Advisor, Life Coach and CBT at University Level. A Healer and Reiki Master, Eileen began studying traditional reiki and meditation over 20 years.

Stress Coach Training School provides Organisations and Therapists with a modern leading edge combination of traditional Stress Management and Holistic Therapeutic approaches from a Being in the Moment perpsective.