Breaking Free From Fear and Rage

How to break free from fear, rage and apathy in our life and the collective. How does humanity shift away from some of the lowest frequencies of consciousness? Especially when we are seeing or are a victim of some of the most heinous aspects of humanity.

We know the root of most challenges in life is based on fear, old wounding and trauma around past experiences, especially inner child wounding and patterns we have not healed or learned from.

We also know that most FEARS are False Evidence Appearing Real and that fear and rage clouds our minds and emotions.

Breaking Free From Fear of what if’s

What if that happens again, what if I lose all my money, what if I can’t pay my bills, what if I lose my job, what if they reject me…

All negative distortions bound from not thinking or feeling enough, being enough.

It is one of the BIG reasons I believe most of life’s mental, emotional even physical struggles come from not being at ease with ourselves and our environment.

Not being connected to our soul’s essence or soul’s power and sovereignty.


Becoming Free From Fear Of Our Personal Power

In a world where we are so busy and distracted we have become very disconnected from our self, our personal power.

That we find it difficult to access our spiritual self, our sovereign self, our peaceful and courageous self.

We have slowly drip by drip handed over our personal power to something or someone else, in some ways we are afraid of our personal power when it is so needed.

Breaking Free From Psychological Manipulation

As more and more people  around the world are waking up to the current reality of people in high places, who have been using mass psychological manipulation and narcissistic gaslighting to keep us in fear, keep us divided.

The awakened masses are starting to say NO while the asleep are getting caught in the deliberate divisive chaos and confusion.

As individuals and at a collective level we need to break free from the fear and rage that is destroying us all, that is destroying the very essence of every beautiful aspect of humanity.

But how do we BREAK Free from fear, rage, apathy and this divisiveness.

Breaking Free From Fear And Rage Through Peace And Personal Power

Well I have some suggestions that start on a personal level.

No 1. Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Heart:

Our monkey mind LOVES to gives us and keep us in all sorts of narratives of what if’s and I wish I had…When we learn to step into our heart, open our heart in a state of full presence we start to unlock that powerful and beautiful aspect of our heart and soul essence that is not manipulated and hijacked by egoic wounds and distractions.

No 2. Learn How To Access Deep Stillness:

The more you can learn to access deep stillness within, the easier it is to remove yourself or shift yourself into peace.That is why the right meditative strategies can be extremely powerful.

No 3: Energetically Take Your Power Back:

It is important to understand that personal power, personal sovereignty is something we can access within. It is not something outside of ourselves. Call back your power everyday, from a space of peace and centredness, this is so important.

No 4. Find Joy In The Small Moments:

It is so important to find joy and happiness in the small moments, the little things no matter how challenging life is. We have got so addicted to things, distractions and over stimulation we have forgotten how to access real joy in the most precious things in life., the simple things.

No 5. Become The Observer

The more you learn how to be still and be more heart and soul connected, the easier it is to detach and sense things that feel un-natural, off and not of divine truth. We become less programmable, harder to manipulate or disempower.

No 6. Heal Your Inner Shadow and Inner Child Wounding

The more we can all work on our our inner shadow traits and inner child wounding, the more we help the collective move out of fear, rage and apathy.

No 7. Do Something Brave Each Day

Each day take one more step towards more personal courage, freedom and sovereignty by doing something that takes a little bit more courage than you are used to. It doesn’t have to be a HUGE big step, but YES if you want to go ahead and do something really brave, take that leap. Though if you are feeling really anxious, stressed or overwhelmed it can be much easier on our nervous system when we start small and do something that stretches us out of our comfort zone each day. It might be saying NO to that next request, or even having a conversation with someone you would normally shy away from.

If you would like to learn how to access deep stillness and build deeper soul connection check out my Deep Meditation and Soul Connection – a 4 session program where I teach you how to achieve deeper states of meditation, heart and soul connection.

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