The Mind Body, and Spiritual approach to managing stress in our life, work, and relationships. Why managing stress effectively in our lives should always be addressed from a more holistic perspective. Some of the biggest pitfalls of around just looking at stress from the mental perspective, the physical or even emotional, spiritual perspective.

Stress And The Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spiritual Approach To Stress Management

When we think about stress we often tend to look at all stress as negative, but in reality, there are negative stress and positive stress (eustress). Also, we tend to look at stress from just from the mental perspective when in reality stress in our life, health, and well-being, comes from a combination of mental, physical, and even spiritual dis-ease. That is why it is important to treat the mind body and spirit holistically.

Different Types Of Stress

There are a variety of different types of mind body and spiritual stress.

Mental Stress

Mental stress is the most common form of stress that triggers other types of stress for example emotional and physical stress. Our conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs and conditioning that triggers the mind body into a negative stress response which basically triggers certain hormonal and physical reactions in the body and emotions. Most forms of mental stress is caused by distorted overthinking, ruminating over what if’s.

Body Stress/Physical Stress

Body stress aka physical stress can be triggered by mental stress, but also postural stress, toxin stress, and physical injury.One of the things I learned about pain, inflammation and postural stress by an alexander technique teacher I went to for over a year was how much stress is put on the body simply by the chairs we sit on, the beds we sleep on, the cars we drive, the equipment and devices we use. And how that can seriously stress to our physical structure, put a lot of pressure and tension on muscles and tendons.

Spiritual Stress

Spiritual stress can come from a feeling or being spiritually disconnected from our spiritual self or connection to god or source. When we are not in alignment with our purpose or life. It can also come from an over sensitivity  to a variety of negative energetic forms.Spiritual stress may not be obvious or as tangible but when we are not a clear channel for life, for spirit, for our soul we can lose our way, feel disconnected from our own unique inner navigation system that is designed to guide us through life.


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Environmental Stress

Stress from the environment can come in all sorts of disguises from noise, temperature, weather; flood, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, environmental toxins. Also physical disconnection from nature or natural habit, one of the reasons why so many people are so ungrounded. People may not be mentally aware of it but being ungrounded not having healthy polarity can put stress on our mind body, our energetic field and qi.

Lifestyle Stress

Your lifestyle, daily habits, daily routine, eating habits, sleep patterns, environment and occupational stress can come also under lifestyle stress. There are so many different types of lifestyle stressors many in the modern world are caused by lifestyle choices and some by life circumstances, it is important to know the difference.

Occupational Stress

Work stress can be subdivided into different aspects of working stress our roles at work, working schedule and patterns such as shifts, work demands, work pressure, financial stress, expected targets and goal setting can all be forms of and in some perspectives types of stress.Every time of job has it’s own unique challenges and rewards, every individual has their own skill set, strengths and experience which can impact how they approach their job or working life.



How To Manage Stress From A Mind Body, and Spiritual Approach

Managing stress from a more spiritual and holistic approach involves addressing the mind body, emotions, spirit, environment, and lifestyle. Addressing the 5 pillars of holistic wellness to encourage a healthier balanced approach to life and health.

  1. Understand The 5 Pillars of Holistic Wellness For A Healthier Mind Body – Simply understanding that managing stress effectively involves a more holistic approach helps us recognise the different types of stressors in our and our client’s life.
  2. Encourage a more calm and relaxed mind, learn how to meditate, how to be more in the moment, how to be from a state of stillness.
  3. Encourage a more healthier and deeper mind body connection things like yoga, relaxation therapy and body scanning to help you understand what your body really wants and needs.
  4. Eliminate or reduce stimulants; Do what you can to eliminate and reduce stimulants in your environment, food even some types of medical interventions than can overstimulate the central nervous system.
  5. Learn how to become more soul aligned in your life and work, than follow the crowd, be pressurised by the status quo. A lot of stress in people’s life comes from societal pressure, peer pressure that is misaligned with that individuals soul and core vales, mission and purpose.



Eileen is a highly experienced stress management expert, soul purpose coach, healer, therapist and meditation teacher. She began studying holistic wellbeing over 30 years and has been teaching stress management and holistic wellbeing for over 23 years. More about Eileen


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