What is Eustress? And why is this type of stress regarded as positive stress, in many ways a necessary type of stress that helps move us to take action, try new exciting things in many ways, and helps make life interesting?

What is Eustress?

Eustress is the type of short-term stress that takes us out of our comfort zone just enough to challenge us in a healthy way. One example is being asked to reach a certain goal or target at work in a certain amount of time. You know it can be done but it requires you to really utilise your personal resources and skills, perhaps even learn new skills

Understanding Eustress positive Stress

Why Eustress Is Positive And Motivating

Eustress is usually motivating, and exciting it helps us mentally, emotionally, and physiologically create change, adapt, and become more resilient and strong.

Mentally Eustress is positive stress that helps us become more mentally resilient, and focus on the present task at hand with a certain amount of confidence, it develops personal autonomy.

Emotionally Eustress is inspiring and motivating, it can help us really get into a state of flow.

Physiologically Eustress can help us push our physical body into better health, and more physical resilience for example in a physical workout, or going for a run.


Why Distress Is Disabling And Exhausting

Distress is the type of stress that leaves you debilitated, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Distress is negative stress that is mentally, emotionally, and physically unhealthy. When someone is in a state of distress, they are often highly anxious and/or in a chronic fight-or-flight state

Long-term distress is well-documented to lead to chronic states of dis-ease and disease, a variety of mental health challenges.

3 Ways To Reduce And Manage Distress And Long-term Stress

One of the biggest challenges with distress is one is often caught up in not just the stress cycle but especially in the long-term stress often also the anxiety cycle.

Better Mental Resilience: Developing better mental and emotional resilience to stress is key to managing stress. It is not what happens to us that is usually the issue but how we deal with it, how we deal with it is usually related to how we view it.

Move Off The Stress Cycle: The key thing to managing and eliminating distress is being able to move the individual of the anxiety and stress cycle. Unfortunately most people today are suffering from chronic low-level stress and a lot of people experience chronic anxiety. One of the biggest ways to help anyone become more stress resilient is being able to help or teach them how to cut and move off the stress response and stress cycle.

Be Able To Relax Deeply: The ability to relax deeply is so undervalued but is actually the secret key to short-term and long-term stress management and stress resilience. It is our biggest psychological and physiological buffer to stress and distress. The right types of relaxation techniques and relaxation therapy are really effective at helping encourage a mental, emotional, and physical reset. A relaxation therapist can teach you how to move off the stress response into the relaxation response quickly and effectively.

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Teaching them stress management and relaxation techniques, that encourage one off the stress response into the relaxation response is key, Especially today when most people have forgotten to switch off and don’t know how to relax properly.

That is one of the biggest reasons Relaxation Therapy techniques were one of the biggest things I was asked to teach for many years. And was the main thing I was offered to provide training in, and the reason I started offering Relaxation Therapist Training first and make it a foundation for my Stress Management Practitioner Training.

Because most people today don’t know how to relax properly and don’t know how to just be, most people think distractions like TV, social media, and computer games are relaxation when they are not. It is one of the reasons so many people have problems achieving a full night of good quality deep sleep. They are not fully relaxed and in a constate state of stimulation, underlying anxiety, or stress.

Stress can be healthy when it is short-term and not constant when it is motivating, and inspiring but when it starts impacting our well-being it can be destructive and disabling.

Like everything it is about balance, teaching clients and students how to get that balance, how to reset themself mentally, physically, emotionally even spiritually is extremely powerful. That is we teach extensive tools and techniques in our Stress Management and Relaxation Training.

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