Emotional Resilience – Why We Should Give Clients The Fishing Rod Not Just The Fish. Exploring one of the biggest causes of poor emotional and mental resilience in the modern world. What life skills and tools can help us achieve healthier mental and emotional resilience?

What is Emotional Resilience?

Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt and grow emotionally so that you can respond emotionally to life’s challenges in a much healthier way. It doesn’t necessarily mean certain problems just dissolve but what it means is that you are able to regulate your emotions in a more healthy way to cope with whatever life presents to you. As they say, it is not what happens to you, it is how you react and deal with it that impacts your life.

Emotional And Mental Resilience

Emotional and Mental Resilience is such a vital part of a happy and healthy life but why is this an area that so many of us struggle with? Mental and emotional resilience go hand and hand, Mental resilience involves a healthy mental perspective to life challenges, and adaptability to change, and grow.

Both mental and emotional resilience is something we need to nurture and develop from childhood into adulthood. If we don’t learn how to nurture those skills we become dependent on others for the fish or on some mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual level we struggle or even starve.

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Unhealthy Dependency

The problem I believe in the west is that at an unconscious level, most people today are not taught to become mentally or emotionally resilient. On so many levels we have become groomed and conditioned to be dependent on other people’s structures, systems, politics, and ideologies that were never our own.

From an inner child and archetypal perspective, we have been unconsciously culturally conditioned to pass over a large part of personal autonomy, and personal sovereignty to a highly manipulative and abusive parental hierarchy in the form of states and government. Which is totally based on dysfunctional dependency.

We just need to look at how much we are discouraged from taking true personal sovereignty and ownership of so many health issues caused by our personal unhealthy lifestyle choices. And the billions made by large corporate organisations who are allowed to put in and push addictive chemically made substances into our food not fit for consumption? The number of politicians, and members of governments around the world who have large personal shares in the drugs that are being pushed into healthcare at set times.

How so many deeply caring nurses and doctors in allopathic care are leaving because they are not being allowed to practice good safe and effective healthcare because someone in power has the say so.

In many ways, this reveal may have become more transparent over recent years but the reality this unhealthy dependency didn’t start overnight. It got more and more unhealthy as we gave more and more of our personal power over other people and external things.

Self-Responsibility, Healthier Mental And Emotional Resilience

The reality is the more you can encourage and support yourself and your clients toward taking more self-responsibility towards better mental, emotional and spiritual resilience. As a whole, we all become more mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually resilient to unhealthy dependent structures that are only serving the power-hungry few.

We all naturally become more self-responsible and self-nurturing which increases individual self-esteem, and mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience.

And it is the main reason I love teaching clients and students so many different anxiety and stress management self-help tools and techniques in my accredited relaxation therapist and stress management practitioner training. Because I believe the biggest thing you can do for another human or spiritual being, is to give them the right life tools. And there are so many wonderful tools and techniques that we can teach clients.

Mental And Emotional Resilience Tools

To me, some of those mental and emotional resilience tools should always be around to help teach clients how to access inner stillness and access their inner guidance and spiritual connection. Especially those tools that once practiced or mastered can give quick, discrete, and instant results that they can be done almost anywhere, anytime without anyone knowing the difference.

Because no matter what when you learn to master these skills, you are not just much more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually resilient, but you are much more aware of your personal sovereignty and not as easily distracted, manipulated, or confused by the externals.

If you would love to learn how to access much deeper instant stillness and deeper intuition, and build better mental and emotional resilience I have a new series of classes starting around Meditation and Soul Connection, the next class starts Mon 6th Feb 2023 and runs for 4 weeks click here to learn more.

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